My bridesmaids ruined my bachelorette party– I planned the whole thing then THEY said it wasn’t good enough

My bridesmaids ruined my bachelorette party– I planned the whole thing then THEY said it wasn’t good enough

BACHELORETTE parties are supposed to be a time when women come together to celebrate their friend before she gets hitched.

But for one bride, her trip was ruined by two bridesmaids who criticized her and the itinerary the whole weekend long.


Two bridesmaids ruined a bachelorette trip by badmouthing the brideCredit: Getty
The bride was left questioning her friendships


The bride was left questioning her friendshipsCredit: Getty

Posting to Reddit, a distraught bride-to-be explained that she took it upon herself to plan her entire bachelorette party because her sister, the maid of honor, is still in college and often busy with her studies.

The bride checked with her friends beforehand to ensure they were all ok with traveling to the specific city she chose and renting the Airbnb she found.

She also told them she understood if they couldn’t make it.

“Everyone seemed excited and wanted to do it,” the woman wrote.

A few months before the trip, she put together an itinerary for the weekend and sent it to her bridesmaids, asking if she should add or remove anything.

“I included time for a scenic hike, pool time, going downtown/shopping, karaoke bar, etc.

“I reserved all of our brunch, happy hour, and dinner spots.”

She got the thumbs up from all her friends.

“No one made any other suggestions to me after I sent the itinerary or in the few months leading up to the trip, so I figured we would go with what I came up with.”

Unfortunately, two of her bridesmaids put a major damper on the weekend once they arrived.

“[They] ended up undermining the plan I came up with the entire time and we ended up not doing some of the outings I suggested because they didn’t want to, which is fine, but then wouldn’t offer alternatives.”

The bride was also frustrated that they hadn’t told her they didn’t like some of the activities when she originally shared the plans.

“Then one of my other bridesmaids told me that the whole weekend these two were talking bad about me behind my back, and were mad at me and saying that I didn’t plan a good enough trip for them, etc.

She said one of the women even snapped at her for not calling an Uber on time.

“They were also apparently upset that I didn’t get sashes for everyone to wear or plan an expensive party bus or something.”

She wished they would have made those suggestions earlier if it was that important to them.

“It seems like they expected me (the bride) to plan their perfect weekend without actually telling me what they wanted to do.

“I was always under the impression this weekend was more about what the bride wants, while of course also being a fun weekend for everyone else too.

“It seems they have a different take on bachelorette trips/weekends.”

The bride was left with hurt feelings and questioned how she should move forward with her so-called “good friends.”

“Part of me is worried they will behave this way on my wedding day, and I feel like maybe I should respectfully ask them to step down from being bridesmaids and offer to reimburse them for their dresses.”

The other part of her, however, worried this request would just create more drama and stress.

She wondered if she should just ask another bridesmaid to keep them in check on her big day.

The bridesmaids were upset that the bride didn't buy sashes for all the women to wear during the trip


The bridesmaids were upset that the bride didn’t buy sashes for all the women to wear during the tripCredit: Getty

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