Surprising hidden meaning behind the Domino’s Pizza logo is revealed

Surprising hidden meaning behind the Domino’s Pizza logo is revealed

DOMINO’S Pizza is among the most popular food chain restaurants worldwide, but what customers might find surprising is the hidden meaning behind the company’s signature logo.

The multinational pizza joint was founded by Tom Monaghan and his brother, James, in 1960 in Michigan.

The present-day Domino's Pizza logo


The present-day Domino’s Pizza logoCredit: Getty
A Domino's logo from the 1960s


A Domino’s logo from the 1960sCredit: Dominos

The brothers took over the operations of a local pizzeria, DomiNick’s, which was owned by Dominick DeVarti.

By 1965, Tom purchased two more restaurants, which was when the birth of the world-famous company arose.

Tom wanted to establish the brand by sharing the same branding across all three pizzerias, but DeVarti didn’t allow him to use DomiNick’s name.

Tom said the idea of naming the restaurant Domino’s came from a pizza delivery employee.

“One day, an employee came back from delivering a pizza and said, ‘I’ve got our name! Domino’s!’ I said, ‘That’s great!” Tom told CNN in 2003.

Inspired by the company’s new name, the first logo came into existence shortly after.

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“I’d never heard of a Domino’s pizza before. It was Italian, and we could use a domino logo,” Tom added.

The logo consists of two parts, the upper part is a red domino with three dots, and the lower part is a blue domino with the restaurant’s name.

The dominos are placed horizontally, one above the other.

The Domino has three dots because they symbolize the three restaurants where it all started.

Tom planned to add a new dot each time a new restaurant opened; however, the idea became unachievable as his business bloomed.

The owner explained the three dots idea to CNN, “I decided we’d put three dots on the Domino because we had three stores, and every time we added one, we’d add a dot.

“You can see I wasn’t thinking of a national chain back then,” Tom said.

As the years passed, Domino’s logo has changed several times; however, the company’s signature dominos have remained in tack.

The three dots on Domino's logo represents the first three restaurants of the pizza chain


The three dots on Domino’s logo represents the first three restaurants of the pizza chainCredit: Getty

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