71 marriages on Valentine’s Day

71 marriages on Valentine’s Day

A total of 71 couples gathered in Mexico on Monday, local time. Mass weddings are organized there on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. They tied the knot there. There were 64-year-old Francesco Calvo and 8-year-old Rosaliva Silva.

There were tears in everyone’s eyes. But it is a joy. There was a smile on his face wearing a mask. The news agency AFP reports that the mass wedding was held in the suburbs of Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

Standing next to her husband, smiling, newlywed Rosaliva Silva said, ‘I never thought the opportunity would come again. But love has come again. ‘
However, for a 40-year-old man named Jonathan Garcia, mass marriage is a family affair. “My two sisters have been married like this before,” he told AFP. We saw that they were very happy to be married in this way. After that we thought, mass marriage can be continued as a tradition. ‘

Maria Darinka Rendon, a council official in the city of Ciudat Nezahuelsatal, Mexico, said: That’s a big advantage. ” He said organizing mass weddings for 61 people was challenging.

Maria added that a very emotional atmosphere is created in mass marriage. They are also happy to witness it.


The man introduced himself as a physician. Among his 14 wives are lawyers, doctors and highly educated women. Among them are women serving in the paramilitary forces.

There are allegations that the man used to run away after taking money from his wives after marriage. However, the arrested person has denied these allegations. The man’s house is in a village under Patkura police station in Kendrapara area of ​​Odisha state.

Bhubaneswar Deputy Commissioner of Police Umashankar Das said the accused got married for the first time in 1982. She got married for the second time in 2002. He has five children in his first and second wife’s house. From 2002 to 2020, he befriended women through various marriage-related websites. He then married those women without the permission of other wives.

The man was living in the capital of Odisha with his latest wife. The wife is a school teacher in Delhi. The wife somehow found out about the man’s previous marriage. He then complained to the police.

The deputy deputy commissioner said the man was arrested from the rented house where he lived with his latest wife. He married middle-aged, divorced women. He used to choose women who visited the marital website. He used to embezzle money from his ex-wife before marrying another.

The man has married women from seven states, including Delhi, Punjab, Assam, Jharkhand and Odisha. His first two wives are from Odisha.

The man’s last wife was a schoolteacher. In July last year, she lodged a complaint with the women’s police. According to his latest wife, the man married her in 2016 in New Delhi. Later take me to Bhubaneswar. Police arrested the man on the basis of his allegations.