Accused of rape case arrested at Indian border while fleeing

Accused of rape case arrested at Indian border while fleeing

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested an accused in a rape case near the zero line of Balla border in Chunarughat upazila of Habiganj district while fleeing. He was arrested around 12pm on Saturday. The accused was handed over to the police on Sunday afternoon.

The arrested accused is Meraj Mia (19). He is a resident of Char Gangkulpara village in Dewan of Belab upazila of Narsingdi district.

According to CPC-1 Habiganj Camp sources of RAB-9, Meraj Mia entered a house in Char Gangkulpara village of Dewan of Belab Upazila on January 19 and raped a fifth class student in the absence of family members. At that time, hearing the screams of the student, the people of the area came forward and he fled. A rape case was registered at Belab police station in this incident.

After that Meraj Mia fled and took position at Balla border of Chunarughat upazila. RAB identifies his position with the help of information technology and on the basis of intelligence information. Later, with the help of Balla Camp of the local BGB 55 Battalion, RAB raided a house near the zero line and arrested him at around 12 last night. At that time, the accused confessed to the RAB that he was preparing to flee to India.

RAB-9 CPC-1 Habiganj camp commander Lieutenant Commander Nahid Hasan said the accused was trying to flee to India by taking a position along the zero line of the border. He was handed over to Narsingdi police today after his arrest.

Farmer Arbindu Mallick owns two bighas (42 bighas) in Beel Bokre. Last year, Boro paddy was cultivated by irrigating the upper part of the waterlogged beel. Arvindu Mallick got 60 manas of paddy. This time too he along with other farmers of the area took the initiative to cultivate boro irrigated boro with irrigation machine. But in the storm-rain of 4th February, due to the pressure of water, the embankment of the adjacent fish enclosure broke and again about 800 bighas of land of Beel was submerged.

Location of Bill Bokar in Haridaskati Union of Monirampur upazila of Jessore. Arbindu Mallik’s home is in Nebugati village of the upazila. About 500 farmers in areas like his have been affected by the breach of the dam. Farmers have again started irrigating about 300 bighas of land.

Abhaynagar, Monirampur and Keshabpur upazilas of Jessore and parts of Dumuria and Fultala upazilas of Khulna. The waters of this Bhavadaha region flow through the rivers Mukteshwari, Teka, Sri and Hari. Rivers have lost their navigability due to siltation due to dams and sluice gates. There are at least 52 small and large beels in Bhavdaha area. The bills are full of water. Due to non-discharge of water through rivers, waterlogging has occurred in these areas. About three lakh people of the area are suffering.

Bill Bokar is the largest bill in the Bhavadaha region. The whole bill is waterlogged. Panchkatia village to the west of the bill and Nebugati village to the north. Last year, farmers in the area irrigated 460 bighas of land with irrigators and cultivated boro paddy. This year, from the second week of January, they divided that part of the bill into two parts and planted 300 bighas in one part and 260 bighas in the other part. The dam on the south-east side of the bill was adjacent to the Mihir Bala fish enclosure in the area. Then they put 19 diesel-powered irrigators in five places on both sides of the bill and started draining the water. The bill almost dried up. Beel farming begins. Many people buy seedlings and start planting to eat. Irrigation was also going on in the afternoon of 4th February. In this condition the storm arose. With heavy rain. In the storm-rain, the embankment of Mihir Bala fish was broken and the bill was filled with water.