Afifra succeeds in that plan against the Afghan spinners

Afifra succeeds in that plan against the Afghan spinners

The matchmaker’s prize could have been shared between the two.

It is not necessary to give, but to say the word by looking at the performance. Mehdi Hasan Miraj contributed 61 * and Afif Hossain 8 * for the unbroken 174 runs for the seventh wicket. No one is inferior to anyone. Miraj went ahead with the ball in the bowling figure of 10–3–26–0. Afif also turns his hand on the spin. He can now blame captain Tamim Iqbal, he too could have been given a chance to bowl a little. However, Afif did not return empty handed. The award for ‘Most Valuable Player’ is in his hands.

Is there a big difference between the best player and the most expensive player in a match? There can be a lot of controversy over the answer to this question, but today at least the ‘Most Valuable’ award was successful আরেক not even another hero of the match had to return empty-handed. However, even though Afif did not play the ball, he made up for it in one place. On the way to form a golden pairing with Miraj, how to bat together, who to play with, who to score runs from – most of these plans came from Afif’s head. Miraj himself has said so with the Machesera award.

Both received awards
Both received awardsPhoto: Shamsul Haque
And Afif came to the press conference and said that they had different plans for the Afghan spinners. Rashid Khan, Mujib-ur-Rehman and Mohammad Nabi — these three spinners were not given any wicket by the two youngsters, nor were they allowed to sit. Afif said, “The plan was a normal game against the three spinners. If their overs were over, there would be 5 more overs left. There is a plan, at the end when the game has gone too far, we will try if it takes 30-40 or 50 runs in the last 5 overs. We can finish. They had planned to bat without giving wickets to the spinners.

Suffice it to say that the two have had enough success to mentally back the Afghan spinners. The pair tied for the seventh wicket from the third ball of the 12th over. Mujib had earlier picked up Shakib Al Hasan with 15 runs in 5 overs. Rashid’s dismissal of Mahmudullah in that over after the pair tied the last 4 balls (including leg by boundary) 6 runs. From here the calculation can be done.

Afif-Miraj scored 18 runs in the remaining 5 overs from Mujib. Rashid’s 9.4 overs to 30 and Nabi’s 10 overs to 32. It is understood that two youngsters played in front of three spinners. Afif’s account matches. At the end of the 45th over, Bangladesh needed 29 runs from the last 30 balls to win. Those 4 wickets in hand.

Afifra soaked in the congratulations of Tamim-Mushfiq
Afifra soaked in the congratulations of Tamim-MushfiqPhoto: Shamsul Haque
In this last fight, Rashid Khan has only managed the last over (46th) of his quota. Although Rashid gave 1 run in that over, the two made the match easier by scoring 13 runs from Fazalhaq Farooqi in his previous over (46th) and 11 runs from the same bowler in the 47th over. It should not be forgotten that this Farooqi made it almost impossible for Bangladesh to win with 4 wickets in 5 overs at the beginning of the innings.

Afif (93 *) and Miraj (61 *) have made that impossible possible with their skillful batting. They deserve the congratulations of opening the hat.