Afridi is not retiring even though he is no longer playing in PSL

Afridi is not retiring even though he is no longer playing in PSL

Since there is controversy about the age of Shahid Afridi, it is good to know where the age is being taken from. According to Cricinfo, Afridi is 41 years old. The issue is not about age, but about continuing the game at this age. The former Pakistan captain is fit to compete with the youngsters even at this age in the shortest version of cricket. At least that’s what it looks like.

But is it really so? Many cricketers continue to play with secret injuries year after year. Afridi also has an injury that he has been carrying for 15-16 years. And he is not playing in the rest of the PSL season because of that injury.

Afridi wrote on his official channel on YouTube, ‘I wanted to finish the PSL well. But for 15-16 years I have been playing with a lower back injury, the pain is so intense that I feel it in my waist, knees and even my fingers. ‘ In other words, is Afridi’s cricket career stopping here? Afridi hinted at retiring from all forms of cricket after playing in the PSL this time. He told reporters in August last year that this would probably be his last time playing in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

But today the all-rounder expressed a new wish. Talking about the injury, he said he wanted to play in the Kashmir Premier League (KPL). KPL will start after two-three months of PSL. Although I wanted to finish PSL well, I couldn’t. I told the fans, this could be my last PSL. But I want to prepare myself once again. Because, there is cricket ahead, KPL and T10 will be. It will take two-three months to fully recover. I will return to the field for the fans, keep praying.

Afridi was playing for Quetta Gladiators in PSL this time. He said he decided to withdraw from the franchise after Quetta’s win over Islamabad United tomorrow. He also said on his Twitter account today, ‘Goodbye PSL. The body is in pain. ‘

Afridi did not have to bat despite taking 2 wickets in 4 overs against Islamabad. After taking the wicket yesterday, Afridi felt pain in his lower back as he spread his arms to celebrate his legacy. Seeing that, the pain was old. With a little hand on his back, he did not pay attention later. In other words, he has become accustomed to playing with this pain. But as the pain intensified, he withdrew from the PSL.

After Afridi announced his decision to withdraw from the PSL, Pakistan fast bowler Shahin Afridi tweeted wishing him a speedy recovery. Of course, these two Afridis are going to be bound by kinship. Afridi’s eldest daughter Axa Afridi is the ‘fianc’ of the left-arm pacer. Shaheen tweeted about his future father-in-law, ‘I will miss you in PSL. You are the pride of Pakistan. Get well soon. ‘