Barca’s outgoing official was a Real spy

Barca’s outgoing official was a Real spy

Feran came to Reverta’s first discussion last August. Lionel Messi shook the football world by announcing his departure from Barcelona. Reverer was then tasked with persuading Messi to stay at the club as a last resort. In those few days, the Barাa supporters were staring at their chief executive.

But Reverer could not give good news to the supporters. With clear eyes, Messi has moved to PSG. Reverer also left Barcelona a few days ago following the path of Messi. But what La Liga president Javier Tevez is saying after the retirement of this chief executive may seem like a good thing for the Catalans as Reverta has left!

Tebas came to the discussion after talking for several days in a row. As president of La Liga, where he is supposed to be neutral, listening to Tebas’s contradictions, sometimes it seems that he is a supporter of Real, and sometimes it seems that Barcelona has given Tebas the responsibility to be their spokesperson! Listening to Tebas’ recent talk about Revertar’s resignation seems to be the second. This gentleman is satisfied with the resignation of Reverendar. Revererta was a spy for Real president Florentino Perez in Barcelona! In other words, the Catalans have fed snakes with milk and bananas for so long!

Tebas made the remarks in an interview with El Periodico de Espania. According to him, Reverer got a job at Bar্সa without knowing much about football. Tebas cites the CVC’s controversial deal with La Liga as an example.

A few months ago, the Spanish League authorities (LNFP) sought to enter into an agreement with the private investment firm CVC on La Liga broadcasting rights and many other issues. It was opposed by Real Madrid and Barcelona. Real had filed the case in the court. Later, without the consent of Real-Bara, the Spanish league authorities approved the contract with CVC. Under the agreement, CVC will own La Liga for 50 years. In return, the clubs will continue to receive a portion of the company’s future income.

CVC will pay La Liga 270 crore Euros for this right. 90% of this will be distributed among the clubs by the La Liga authorities. But for so many years, clubs like Real and Bar হয়নিa did not like to give up the ownership of the league for so little money. Tebas was mad about the two clubs.

According to Tebas, Reveretar’s lack of knowledge about football made him heavy-handed about Barcelona’s CVC deal. I know she doesn’t like me much. He got the responsibility of the executive in a very short time, he doesn’t understand so much. He came from the media market, working with the ‘logistics’ of washing machines and televisions. Suddenly one day he got a job at Bara and began to understand everything about the football world! From TV rights to football-politics, everything! ‘

Tevez says Bar রেa have suffered more because of Reverter’s “overburdening”, and that is how Barcelona fell into a difficult situation. Not only financially, but also commercially, politically and institutionally. This condition of the Reverend (without the job) has satisfied me. As long as he was at Bara, he made me think. Now let’s see who comes instead. Barcelona knows how to get out of this predicament. Revereta took responsibility before the epidemic, and what he did was not enough for Barcelona. ”

After that, Tebas detonated the bomb. I know Barcelona did not agree because of Reverter. That was Perez’s man in Barcelona. Or someone who is very close to Florentino. So Barcelona has decided to release him.

Meanwhile, Feran Correas, a journalist with the Spanish news agency RAC One, said that Tebas’ claim would be true. In a report, Correas said that Reverter was leaving his job as Barcelona’s chief executive to join Real president Florentino Perez’s ACS group. Perez works in construction and infrastructure.