Barcelona got points in the last minute goal

Barcelona got points in the last minute goal

Most of the tourists are surprised to know this information when they visit Barcelona playing two clubs in La Liga. Once upon hearing this story, Juan Capdevila smiled and said, ‘Really? Are there people who haven’t heard of Bara? ”

Capdevila, who won the World Cup for Spain in 2010, said this jokingly. Capdevila is another man from Barcelona, ​​the man from Espanyol. That Espanyol, the club that lags behind the ‘rich’ neighbors in all respects.

The flickering flashes of Bar্সa’s flashes have shaken the neighbors in La Liga today. The team drew 2–2 with Bar খেয়েa after conceding a goal at the last minute. RCD Espanyol of Barcelona missed out on the opportunity to beat football club Barcelona in La Liga after 2009. Missing is the rare achievement of losing one season in La Liga to Real Madrid and Barcelona. Espanyol beat Real 2–1 at home in October.

Espanyol started with a 6-1 lead from 2–1. Bar নাটকa’s Gerard Pique and Espanyol’s Nico Melamed saw red cards in the second minute of that dramatic 6 minutes.

In the very last minute of the match, Luke de Young’s head was found in the box of Espanyol from the cross of Adama Travar. The substitute Dutch star (2–2) made no mistake in scoring a goal.

Barcelona also scored the first goal of the match. The goal is less than 2 minutes old. That was Bar প্রথমa’s first attack. Jordi Albar from the left got the cross and Pedri stood in the gap. Barcelona goes ahead with the volley of the young Spanish player.

After losing to Messi, Bar নিজেদেরa could have scored the second goal in 36 minutes. Returning to Bar্সa from Wolverhampton, Adama Travor’s powerful shot was blocked by Espanyol goalkeeper Diego Lopez.

Barিয়াa goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen returned a shot from Espanyol’s Adria Pedrosa in the next minute. Ter Stegen was unable to repel Espanyol’s next attack. Raউলl de Tamas made the ball from inside Bar্সa’s defense to Serhi Dardar outside the penalty box. The Spanish midfielder equalized with a great goal with a distant post.

Barcelona could have finished the first half ahead. Couldn’t forget Jordi Alba’s ridiculous. Alba, standing in the gap in the box of Espanyol, cleared the ball like the defenders without taking a goal shot!

Gavi scored for Bar্সa in the 57th minute. That goal was canceled due to offside in VAR. After 9 minutes, Espanyol took the lead 2-1 by beating the whole stadium. Raul de Tamas led the team with a ball from Eric Garcia.

But the last-minute goal of the added time did not end the 13-year wait for Espanyol.

With this 1 point, Bar বারa topped the list of points by beating Atletico Madrid. The team has 39 points in 23 matches. Real Madrid tops the list with 54 points from 24 matches. Espanyol is at number 13 with 26 points in 24 matches.