Bashundhara Kings ground in the size of Barcelona-Real Madrid

Bashundhara Kings ground in the size of Barcelona-Real Madrid

There are 16 laws in football. For international matches or the highest level of domestic football, 16 laws have to be ensured. Since there is no alternative to a good field for good football, the playing field has been kept in law number 1.

FIFA, the highest body in world football, has also specified the size for this. The length of an international field should be between 100 and 110 meters and the width between 64 and 65 meters.

This law was introduced to introduce the grounds of Bashundhara Kings Arena Stadium. Bashundhara Kings Club and their Bashundhara Kings Arena Stadium stand on the brink of history. The two names will enter the history of sports in the country by kicking off the match against Bashundhara Kings and Police Football Club at 3 pm tomorrow.

Although Bangladesh started professional football in 2006, one of the conditions for it was that no club in Bangladesh had its own field as its home venue for so long. For the first time in the history of Bangladesh, Bashundhara Kings is going to organize a Premier League match in their own ground. Many curious football fans question, what is the size of the field at Kings Arena Stadium?

Length 105 meters and width 8 meters. This is the size of the field of many big clubs in the world. The Spanish club Barcelona’s stadium Camp Nou and Real Madrid’s stadium Santiago Bernabeu also have an area of ​​105 * 6 meters. In England, Manchester United’s Old Trafford, Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and many other arenas.

However, Liverpool and Chelsea play on smaller fields than this in length and breadth. Although the width of the field at Anfield Stadium is 8 meters, the length is 101 meters. The length and width of Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge are 103 and 6 meters respectively.

For the time being, all the attractions of the football fans of the country are with Kings Arena Stadium. Bashundhara Kings held an official press conference on Wednesday afternoon to introduce the new stadium under construction on 50 bighas of land under Bashundhara Sports Complex in Bashundhara residential area.

Tapu Varman and Robson de Silvara stand on the billboards at the entrance to the stadium. As soon as you enter the field in response to their reception, you will be amazed to see the green field spread like a carpet on the native grass. There are seven levels under the grass to maintain a good drainage system. The stadium authorities claim that there is no possibility of water accumulation even if it rains in torrents.

When you enter the dressing room made in the style of European football, you will see the admirable interior. The eye-catching dugout is being decorated next to the touchline. Although there were 14,000 seats in the original plan, at present there are 6,000.

The main feature of Kings Arena is that it has ice bath system similar to modern football stadium. In other words, there is a system of hard practice and quick movement after the match on the field. However, BFF has gifted many dramas to choose such a stadium as the venue.

In this context, Bashundhara Kings President Imrul Hasan said, ‘The first condition of the professional league will be a home and away match. So the home team will get the advantage in the home match, we will also get it. In the end, BFF made the right decision. He has corrected the mistake he made in the beginning. ‘ Leaving everything behind, Imrul Hasan looks ahead, “Kings will be the first team in the country to play at home, it is a matter of great pride for us.”

The game is being played in a stadium without spectators due to the increase in corona infection. However, Bashundhara has arranged commemorative tickets for some of the invited guests in tomorrow’s match.