Broad has been dropped for talking on the phone for 5 minutes

Broad has been dropped for talking on the phone for 5 minutes

Didn’t get a chance to play in the Ashes very regularly. However, given the opportunity, he squeezed himself. He took 11 wickets in the last two Tests of the series. For over a decade now, the England cricket team has been leading the pace attack with James Anderson. He took 538 wickets in Tests. He has made his place in history with merit. But he was left out to build a ‘new day England’.

That’s what Stuart Broad is talking about. He has been dropped from the England squad for the upcoming tour of the West Indies along with James Anderson. There has been a flurry of criticism and controversy over the omission of Broad and Anderson. In English cricket, some people call it an ‘earthquake’. Anderson has not yet commented on the matter. However, Broad opened his mouth. He is also a bit emotional after being dropped from the England team. For now, the English fast bowler is trying hard to adapt to the situation.

The whole thing would happen so quickly, so easily, Broad could not have imagined, ‘Andrew Strauss spoke on the phone for just five minutes. I found out that I was not being considered for the West Indies tour. It is very difficult to adapt to the issue. That’s normal. When you know in just five minutes phone call that you are not in the team.

In a column in the Daily Mail, Broad said: “I do not want to exaggerate, but it is true that my sleep is disturbed. I woke up one morning and told my partner Molly that my whole body was hurting. He said it was mental fatigue, nothing more. I don’t think of myself as big, I don’t think of anything as precious as gold. But it is wrong to think that everything is fine. ‘

Broad took 13 wickets in the Ashes. Played in three of the five Tests. The wicket-taking average is 26 — yet he is excluded from England’s tour of the West Indies.

Former captain Andrew Strauss, acting managing director of the England cricket team, however, said that the fact that Broad and Anderson were dropped from the West Indies tour did not mean that their cricketing career was over. However, he is trying to wrap up the omission of these two best fast bowlers. But there is one thing that has hurt Broad তিনি he is not in the new squad for the England cricket team at the moment, ‘I have taken 11 wickets in the last two Tests in the Ashes. My bowling test has been around for a long time. In the last eight years I have been world class — everyone will admit it. I would have accepted my omission if there had been any deficiency in my performance. But being out of the team without having someone like me is a completely different thing. What makes me feel bad is that I was not included in the new plan for English cricket.

One thing Broad can’t figure out is why he won’t be there to win outside the country, ‘If there are plans to win more on foreign soil, why shouldn’t I? I don’t have the qualifications to be in the England team on March 6 in Antigua, I have to believe that too! When I am not in the team, I have to admit that this is the thing that is haunting me the most. ‘

Broad has been advised by his mother to stay away from cricket for the time being. ‘On Friday, my mother told me not to think about cricket for now. Going out of cricket to find out the problem. He told me to take my time. ‘