Canada is withdrawing some troops from Ukraine

Canada is withdrawing some troops from Ukraine

Canada has decided to temporarily relocate some of its troops stationed in Ukraine to other parts of Europe. The decision was prompted by fears of a possible Russian military strike on Ukraine. The announcement was made by the Canadian Ministry of Defense on Sunday, local time. News agency AFP.
A statement from the Canadian Ministry of Defense said, “The temporary withdrawal of some Canadian troops stationed in Ukraine for training does not mean the end of the Canadian military mission in Ukraine.” Canada made the decision to protect members of its armed forces.

However, Ottawa did not provide details on how many troops are being withdrawn from Ukraine and which European countries will be relocated.

About 200 Canadian troops have been deployed in Ukraine since 2015 as part of the Unifier mission to train the Ukrainian army.

Canada’s armed forces are committed to enhancing the strength and capability of the people of Ukraine and the country’s security forces,” the statement said.

Last Saturday, Canada announced the temporary closure of its embassy in Kiev. The embassy’s operations have been temporarily relocated to the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. Meanwhile, more than a dozen countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, have instructed their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.

The controversy over hijab in schools and colleges in Karnataka is unnecessary and anti-peace. The Ramakrishna Ashram in Karwar district of the state has commented on the stand taken by a lawyer who was attacked for representing Muslim students in a hijab case. News from NDTV.

The lawyer’s name is Devdatta Kamat. He has been targeted by right-wingers for quoting verses from the Koran to protect students fighting for the right to wear the hijab in schools and colleges. The chief priest of the Ramakrishna Ashram in the state said that Devadatta did no harm to Hinduism through this.

Swami Bhaveshananda, the chief priest of the Ramakrishna Ashram, said, “There is an unnecessary discussion going on in schools and colleges about the dress code for Muslim female students. I am saddened to witness a heated debate on this issue at various levels of society. This is definitely not a good thing in the interest of peace and harmony in the society.

According to Indian media outlet NDTV, priest Swami Bhaveshananda said in a statement, “I am deeply saddened to see the name of Devdatta Kamat. A senior Supreme Court lawyer is being dragged into the debate because he is representing a party in court as a lawyer.

Swami Bhaveshananda further said, ‘Some people are trying to portray him as anti-Hindu. This idea is completely undesirable and baseless. A lawyer in court works to get his client justice. It is professional work and responsibility. It cannot be identified as anti-Hindu. ‘