Children will learn with joy in new curriculum: Education Minister

Children will learn with joy in new curriculum: Education Minister

Education Minister Dipu Moni said, “We want to make the whole subject of reading fun for children and adolescents.” There should be no pressure to memorize the test. Children will learn through experience. They will learn in a colorful environment, which they will be able to put into practice in their own lives.

The education minister said this while virtually attending a workshop of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) on Saturday. He said the goal of the new curriculum is to create opportunities for all. We have the goal of fulfilling the global aspirations. At first there may be some misunderstandings. However, it will be possible to correct them before the end of piloting.

Deputy Minister for Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel, who joined the workshop virtually, said that there is still a challenge for students to acquire age-based skills. We need to create skilled human resources to meet our economic needs. Despite the decline in neighboring countries, our country has a special tendency towards fruit-based talent. That is why we are trying to make qualitative changes in education.

He said that not only the curriculum needs to be changed, but also the capacity to implement it. In the new curriculum, care has been taken to ensure that there is no discrimination between rural children and urban children.

Educationist Professor Dr. attended the workshop. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal said that there is no such thing as happiness among the students just because of their studies. That is why new curriculum has been formulated to make the educational life of the students enjoyable. As a result, students will be able to analyze information, not just talent, but themselves.

He said that before formulating the new curriculum, there would be a pilot program, children would be taught, what they could take, what they could not take, it would be seen. He will be corrected if necessary. Then the book will be given.

Zafar Iqbal said that the human brain is not for memorizing, but for analyzing information, for solving problems. With the implementation of the new curriculum, students will no longer have to worry about information, they will be able to analyze it. The new approach will reduce the tendency to coach.

Educationist said. Syed Manjurul Islam said that entering the job market only by memorizing is not a job of education. We also need to know the language. We have been teaching students piece by piece for a long time. After finishing primary, students in class six fall into another sea. Various issues are being forced on them. Therefore, I hope that the new curriculum will play a big role in getting students out of memorization.

Abul Momen, Professor, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Chittagong, said, “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. But from the point of view of GDP or budget, we are not in the desired place in education. We are also lagging behind the neighboring countries. That is why the allocation for education should be increased.

Responding to a question from reporters, NCTB Chairman (Current Responsibilities) Professor Mashiuzzaman said that the headmasters of 115 schools have been trained in the new curriculum to be implemented at primary and secondary level. All teachers will be trained under NCTB. There is also a scheme on how to train. For this some teachers will be made as master trainers. They will train others. But if the training of teachers is not completed by 2023, NCTB will not implement the activities of the new curriculum.

Regarding the criticism that NGOs have more influence in the curriculum than academics, he said it is a lie and baseless. No NGO was involved in the preparation of our curriculum.

NCTB Chairman (Routine Responsibilities) Prof. Mashiuzzaman presided over the workshop. Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka (DU) Prof. Nisar Hossain, DU Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Lafifa Jamal, Professor of Education and Research Institute. M Tariq Ahsan, Additional Secretary, Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Ministry of Education (Government Secondary) said. Syed Imamul Hossain, NCTB member Professor. Farhadul Islam etc.