Classroom teaching starts from 22nd February

Classroom teaching starts from 22nd February

The teaching will start from February 22 (Tuesday) at the secondary, higher secondary and university level, said the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni. In this case strict hygiene rules have to be followed. He made the remarks at a press conference at the Education Ministry’s conference room at the Secretariat on Thursday (February 18).

The education minister said that online classes will be conducted in the primary school.

Dipu Moni said that due to Corona, physical education in the educational institution has been stopped till February 21. We had a meeting with the National Technical Committee on Covid-19. They have suggested starting physical education in the classroom from February 22. According to him, physical education will start in school-college from February 22.

He said that strict hygiene rules have to be followed in case of physical teaching. We will keep the number of classes as low as before. I will try to increase it gradually according to the situation.

The minister said only those students who have been vaccinated with the second dose of corona will be able to take physical classes. Others will take classes online or on television.

He further said that 1 crore 26 lakh 57 thousand 222 students of secondary level have received 1st dose vaccine. Almost everyone has received the first dose of the vaccine. And 34 lakh 40 thousand 448 people got the second dose of vaccine. We hope to be able to administer the second dose to most students by February 21.

Regarding the primary students, Dipu Moni said that the primary students have not been vaccinated yet as there is no guideline from the World Health Organization. However, in the meantime, initiatives have been taken to vaccinate students under the age of 12. The matter is being looked into by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health. They will also be vaccinated if approved by the World Health Organization.

He said the infection is rapidly declining. The National Technical Advisory Committee hopes that this trend will continue. So we will wait a few more days. We hope to be able to bring elementary students into the classroom after 10 days or two weeks of school-college-university opening on 22nd February.

Earlier, at a meeting of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 held virtually at 10 pm on Wednesday (February 18), the Ministry of Education was advised to open all educational institutions.

The government has imposed 11-point restrictions since January 13 due to the resurgence of corona infection. On January 21, the cabinet division issued five new directives including closure of educational institutions. It directed to close the educational institution till February 8. Then the government decided to increase the number of educational institutions for two more weeks.

Earlier, the country’s educational institutions were closed for the same reason from March 16, 2020 to September 11, 2021. After that, when the educational institution was opened on 12 September, limited class education activities were started. During this period 2022 SSC-HSC examination subjects and time were reduced.