Despite retiring, Aguero could be seen with Messi at the World Cup

Despite retiring, Aguero could be seen with Messi at the World Cup

The biggest event of world football is going to be held in Qatar at the end of the year. Argentina captain Lionel Messi will lead the remaining 22 in the World Cup, the only goal of his career. Sergio Aguero was supposed to be among those 22. The dream of winning the World Cup by fighting shoulder to shoulder with a dear friend is also his dream!

But Aguero will have to watch the World Cup from outside the field, not on the cruel irony of fate. The support of the team has to be informed from outside. The star has recently had to retire in a hurry due to heart problems. But that is why the former striker of Manchester City, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona does not want to be lazy at that time of the World Cup.

Wanting to stay connected with the team anyway. That’s why Aguero has announced that he wants to take part in the World Cup in Qatar, at least as a member of Argentina’s Lionel Scaloni’s coaching team, not as a player.

In an interview with Radio 10, Aguero, 33, stated his plans for the World Cup: “I’m going to the World Cup in Qatar. We have a meeting this week, I want to take part there. I have a chance to join the coaching team of Argentina. I talked to Scaloni and Chiki Tapia (Board President) about this. We have to discuss the matter.

Aguero understands that after playing three World Cups, at least this time he will not be able to go down to the field wearing a boot-jersey. He has to be involved with the team in a different way, ‘I want to be with the team. I want to go to practice with the boys, I want to motivate them. ‘ However, it is only in the role of coach, even if it is not said.

Aguero thinks Argentina have a good chance at this World Cup, “When we won the Copa America, our team was very confident. I think Scaloni has figured out which team to play in, which increases our chances in a knockout-based competition, albeit a little. You get three matches before going to the knockout stage. Scaloni has experience in this tournament as a player and coach, which can impress the players. We are in very good condition.