Enamul arrested in West Bengal

Enamul arrested in West Bengal

Enamul Haque of Murshidabad, the main suspect in the cattle smuggling case, has been arrested by the Central Enforcement Directorate (ED) of India. He was arrested from Delhi on Saturday. After his arrest, he was taken to Delhi’s Raoz Avenue court where he was remanded in ED custody for seven days.

Enamul was arrested in 2020 by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of India for cattle smuggling. Enamul was granted bail by the Supreme Court in late January after serving two years. However, the ED had filed a case against him for cattle smuggling. He was arrested again on Saturday in that case.

ED recovered a diary from Enamul. In that diary, ED has got the information about who did financial transactions with Enamul. Now ED is questioning Enamul again and wants to know who got the share of money for cattle smuggling. The CBI has already issued chargesheets against seven accused.
Meanwhile, the CBI has summoned Trinamool Congress MP and actor Deb’s co-producer Pintu Mandal for questioning. He has been asked to appear at the CBI’s Nizam Palace in Kolkata. The CBI wants to interrogate Pintu Mandal for allegedly investing money in cattle smuggling.
Earlier, the CBI had summoned actor Dev for questioning over cattle smuggling. Deb appeared at the CBI office on February 15 and answered their questions.

There, CBI officials interrogated Dev for five hours. Earlier, Trinamool Congress leader Anubrat Mandal was questioned by the CBI.
Enamul Haque is one of the main suspects in the investigation agencies of West Bengal as he is involved in cattle smuggling across various borders. CBI officials also wanted to know about Enamul Haque, a Trinamool youth leader from Murshidabad. Personal or financial relationship with Enamul was also sought.

Dev told CBI officials he did not know Enamul. So there is no question of taking financial advantage of him or being associated with him.
Cattle smuggling through various borders in West Bengal is regularly divided among the leaders and leaders of the Indian Border Security Force (BSF), the police and a border cattle smuggling ring. Police and BSF officials received a share of the money for cattle smuggling from the leader. Allegedly, Enamul Haque is the main culprit in this cattle smuggling ring.

The CBI has filed a case against Enamul Haque and many others for being involved in cattle smuggling. The CBI then arrested Enamul from Delhi. Enamul later surrendered before a CBI special court in Asansol. He was later released on bail by the Indian Supreme Court late last month.