Epidemic of young generation and language distortion

Epidemic of young generation and language distortion

The young generation is the future of a country. Young people are the main hand behind moving a society or state forward. The society or the state dreams of moving forward towards the future by carrying the youth on its strong shoulders. Young people have a huge contribution to make in moving the generation towards the future. Just as a knife can do both good and bad things, it is possible for young people to look to the future with both good and bad.

So young people need to be right and speak the truth. Must be strong in the way of truth. The Bengali language is not a chatty talk. Bengali is my mother tongue, it was not at all easy to give state recognition to this mother tongue. The highway has been stained with the blood of young people like Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Shafiq. Blood-stained Ekushey February has appeared. After so much sacrifice we have got Bangla language. Through the language movement of 1952, Bengali language was recognized as the state language.

We are Bengalis, our identity in Bengali language. This Bengali language should not be forgotten. The Bengali language has to be grasped in the mind, in the thoughts and it has to be passed on to future generations as an inherited asset.

The young generation is the bearer and carrier of the future. Therefore, the youth must have the consciousness of Bengali language in every drop of blood, must contain the meaning of Bengali language. Many of today’s young generation do not know the correct history of Bengali language, cannot pronounce Bengali language correctly. They are forgetting the Bengali culture by keeping pace with the western world. It is as if the culture of Bengal and the culture of the western world are merging.

And Bengal is losing its identity. At present it is a big responsibility to see the correct pronunciation of Bengali language. The present generation is changing a lot to keep pace with the western world. Due to which the Bengali language has pronounced Bengali in the style of the western world by changing its own metal and origin. Due to this not only our Bengali language is being distorted, but also future generations are under threat.

The thinking of the present generation of youth is limited to the digital age and digital devices. Just like without the digital age, it will not work, just keep pace with the age, even if you forget your nerve connection. Remember, we are a brave Bengali nation. We have our own identity, our own consciousness. We have to pass this consciousness on to future generations.

Bengali culture is a huge culture. This culture cannot be absorbed in one day. It takes a lot of practice to master it. Proper practice of Bengali culture can protect Bengali language, Bengali consciousness. There is no substitute for the strong shoulders of the youth to solve this problem.

The youth have to practice the culture of Bengal properly. Bengali language, Bengali grammar, history of Bengali language — everything has to be mastered. Not only in schools-colleges-universities there should be a subject called history of Bengali language, practice of Bengali language should be kept in the life of common people. In the canteen of the university, one should not enjoy playing any foreign song in the chat of friends, but one should practice Bengali folk music, jari-sari, call songs. In order to prevent the distortion of Bengali language, we have to fight with Bengali language step by step. Only then it is possible to defeat this evil attempt of distorting the Bengali language. Poet Sukanta Bhattacharya in his poem ’18 years of age’ has beautifully expressed the bravery of 16 year olds.