Farooqi caught Tamim’s weakness

Farooqi caught Tamim’s weakness

Fazlullah Farooqi’s name was not well known before the Afghanistan series. Everybody knows this Afghan fast bowler who has just stepped foot in international cricket. He has dismissed Bangladesh ODI captain Tamim Iqbal in three consecutive matches.

Tamim was dismissed three times in a row against the same bowler in the same series in his long ODI career. But the bigger concern is the way Tamim is out. Tamim has been out three times for coming in left-handed Farooqi. This Farooqi has again played for Tamim’s BPL team Minister Dhaka. Tamim also batted against Farooqi in practice. Yet Tamim’s weakness remains.

Bangladesh’s next ODI series is on South African soil. Proteas have 6-foot-6-inch left-arm pacer Marco Jansen. Like Farooqi, Yansen will also be a cause for concern for Tamim.

Jamie Siddons is working on Tamim’s weakness
Jamie Siddons is working on Tamim’s weaknessPhoto: Shamsul Haque

Batting coach Jamie Siddons started working on Tamim’s problem after the first match as left-arm pacers came in. Against the left-arm pacer, Tamim tried to play with the outside of the front leg off stump. Even if the incoming ball hits the pad, it should have an impact outside the off stump.

But Tamim has a spike along the cover fielder to keep a lot out of the leg off stump. That’s why he has to play cross bat. It is difficult to touch the bat as it comes inside the left-arm pacer. That’s when the fear of LBW and Bold increases. Although he was lbw in the first two matches against Afghanistan, he was bowled in the same way today.

Siddons caught the matter and started working with Tamim. Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury has been seen working with Tamim for a long time in the net of the stadium. Two days ago, Siddons was talking about Tamim’s batting problem, ‘Tamim wants to straighten his front leg. However, it is not possible to fix it very quickly. We have been working for a long time. If he wants to play for the next three to four years, he has to straighten his legs. ‘

Jamie says it will take time to overcome Tamim’s weakness
Jamie says it will take time to overcome Tamim’s weaknessPhoto: Shamsul Haque
Siddons thinks Tamim’s best time is yet to come. If that wasn’t LBW, it would be hard to get him out. He will also score a lot of runs. I can see that his best time is ahead. ‘