Gavi has never seen Barcelona play in that tournament

Gavi has never seen Barcelona play in that tournament

No one needed to remember that 2004 match. Celtic will play against Barcelona at home on March 25. Whether lifeless or not, the match was drawn. A match that ended in a goalless draw is now under discussion again.

Xavi, the current Barcelona coach, was on the field in that match. While Iniesta was on the bench, Ronaldinho was on the field. At the right end was Luis Enrique; Later, Xavi-Iniesta also introduced himself as a coach. Enrique is now the second term coach of Spain. Gavi was called up to the national team after watching him play 26 minutes in professional football. Gavir, however, has no memory of the March 2004 match between the two coaches. There is nothing wrong with his memory, he was born five months later. Barcelona midfielder Gavi was born on August 5, 2004.

Barcelona will play in the last 16 of Europe against Napoli today. Barcelona is reminded of another Argentine superstar who came to play in this tournament due to the departure of one Argentine. The Napoli-Barcelona match has been unofficially called the ‘Maradona Derby’. Diego Maradona played in Barcelona before Napoli became omnipotent.

Before today, Barcelona had played in the last Europa League against Celtic. Then the club passed their golden age. Ronaldinho also spent two years as a dream. Iniesta has also been a regular in the XI along with Xavi and a seal named Messi has appeared.

In 16 years, Barcelona never had to play Europa again. On the contrary, the team has won the Champions League four times. Even with the departure of Xavi-Iniesta, Barcelona did not have to play in Europa. But Messi’s departure this season is bringing a bitter taste. Once again, Barcelona has to enter the second best competition of continental football.

So this match is a little different for cows. He made his Barcelona debut this season. The dream of wearing a Barcelona jersey has not been fulfilled and he has been called up to the national team. In such a season, his team has to play in the Europa League for the first time in 17 years. The tournament, which he never thought of winning, now has the responsibility of keeping the team afloat.

Gavir is not supposed to feel pressure even in such a match. He has shown the ability to make decisions at the age of 10. Golbanya booked for Real Betis under-10 team. Former Barcelona midfielder and agent Evan de la Penia caught his eye. At that time clubs like Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Villarreal were trying to get him. But Penia told him to go to Barcelona. The decision was finally taken by Gavi. Because, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Neymar were in Barcelona in 2014.

Today, only Xavi is in Barcelona, ​​in the dugout. Gavir is responsible for putting the team to the test on the field. This midfielder has that ability. Footwork, finding space on the field and delivering the ball to his teammates on time সবার everyone has the expectations that the Barcelona midfielder has. As a result, whether you play in the middle or on the wing, the cow draws everyone’s attention. There is aggression in the field with him. Xavi regretted taking charge, there are players in the club who do not understand the rhythm of Barcelona’s game.

Young people like Gavi are reducing Xavi’s grief. Cow is one of Xavi’s weapons in his dream of winning at least one title this season. However, Gavi will win a tournament that he has never seen his team play in.