Hurricane Eunice kills 9 in Europe

Hurricane Eunice kills 9 in Europe

Hurricane Younis has killed at least nine people in northwestern Europe. The storm hit at 122 mph on Friday, local time. As a result, millions of people have been cut off from electricity. The roof of London’s entertainment center ‘O Two Arena’ has been damaged. News Reuters.

According to the UK Meteorological Office, Hurricane Eunice made landfall in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwestern coast of Europe through the Azores.

A woman has died after a tree fell on a car during a storm in London. A man in a car was killed during a tornado in Liverpool. Another man has been killed after a car collided with a fallen tree in the English county of southern Hampshire.

Four people have died after being crushed under a fallen tree by Hurricane Eunice in the Netherlands. A crane collapsed on the roof of a hospital in Belgium due to strong winds. A British man has died after falling from a boat floating in the wind.

Hurricane Eunice damages roof of London’s O2 Arena
Hurricane Eunice damages roof of London’s O2 ArenaPhoto: Reuters
One person has died after being struck by a fallen tree in Ireland, RTE reports. The man was working to clear the rubble after the storm.
Strong winds in London have damaged part of the roof of the O2 Arena. A total of 438 flights have been canceled in the UK over Hurricane Younis.
The UK Meteorological Department said yesterday afternoon that the cyclone was moving towards Scandinavia and the northern mainland of Europe.