If Gayle Were Famous …

If Gayle Were Famous …

What happens when someone is famous?

Two people recognized each other and when they went out on the street, eight to ten people stood around. People get autographs when they meet, whether it is for work or not. In the age of smartphones, however, selfies have become more popular lately.

Yes, to be famous is to go through these experiences. Christopher Henry Gayle’s interest in taste suddenly woke him up.

Gayle has been in Bangladesh for some time now to play in BPL. Bangladesh has played 9 matches in the Premier League and scored more than two hundred runs. Although no one seems to have noticed. That edge was not seen in the batting just before. He was not found in practice. Instead, he has searched for his own singing entity in the middle of BPL and has released a duet with an artist on YouTube. He has received more attention in the promotion of this song, not so much in the field.

There may not be much discussion on the field, but the biggest star of the BPL is the West Indian batsman. Fortune Barisal’s innings to open the innings against Comilla Victorians in the final tomorrow is also the highest run-getter of T20.

Two teams ready for tomorrow’s final. Some believe in indulging in net practice, while others rely on themselves before the match. Gayle, who calls himself the ‘Universe Boss’, is a believer.
However, the preparation for the final. Gayle is also ready for the final.

Gayle posted a video on social media today. It is seen that Gayle is doing ‘manicure’ and ‘pedicure’. In addition to taking care of his hands and toes, Gayle has also taken foot massage. He wrote in the video, “Universe boss is spending time like Universe boss.”

Before this post, of course, he gave the news of his care in a different way. Gayle posted a picture of the two who prepared him for the final, saying, “If I were famous …”

Even if the post gets 11,000 responses even though it is not famous, it is shared more than one hundred times; I do not know what would have been famous!