Imran wants a television debate with Modi

Imran wants a television debate with Modi

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to have a televised debate with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resolve various issues with neighboring India. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in an interview given to Russian television Russia Today. A report by the Reuters news agency on Tuesday said.

India and Pakistan, the nuclear-armed neighbors, gained independence from the British 65 years ago. The enmity between the two countries has been going on since then. Indo-Pakistani dispute over Muslim-majority Kashmir escalates. Both countries have been claiming Kashmir as part of their territory.

In an interview, Imran Khan said, “I would enjoy a debate with Narendra Modi.”

However, the Indian Foreign Ministry was not immediately available for comment.

Imran Khan said his government believed in the principle of establishing trade relations with all countries. But due to India’s hostility, trade with the neighboring country is declining day by day.

Razzak Dawood, trade adviser to the Pakistani prime minister, told reporters yesterday that he had cooperated in establishing trade relations with India. Both countries will enjoy the benefits. The next day Imran Khan said these things.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan also said that Pakistan’s regional trade has been declining recently. He said the United States was imposing sanctions on Iran, the country’s southwestern neighbor. On the other hand, due to decades of war, Pakistan has not been able to gain much in trade and commerce with neighboring Afghanistan.

However, Pakistan’s economic relations with neighboring China are very good. China has already pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in various infrastructure projects in Pakistan under the Belt and Road initiative.