In the midst of hijab controversy, Karnataka is opening a college tomorrow

In the midst of hijab controversy, Karnataka is opening a college tomorrow

Amid controversy over the hijab, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has called for the reopening of colleges and diploma institutes in the Indian state of Karnataka from Wednesday. The chief minister made the call during a meeting with Higher Education Minister CN Ashwattha Narayan, Minority Welfare Minister Srimanta Patil and Revenue Minister R Ashoka at a local time on Monday evening. News from NDTV

The Chief Minister asked to strengthen the security on the college campus. The office of Higher Education Minister Ashwattha Narayan said that it has been decided to open postgraduate diploma and all other colleges from tomorrow. At the meeting, the state chief minister directed to ensure security after opening the colleges.

All schools in Karnataka have been reopened since yesterday morning on a court order. As seen in various videos spread on social media, students have been asked to remove their hijabs before entering the school campus. Some students refused to take off their hijab and returned home.

The hijab controversy has been raging in the southern Indian state of Karnataka for some time. The crisis started in Udupi district of Karnataka. This is what happened last December. Six students of Government Girls PU College in Udupi district complained that they were not allowed to enter the classroom to wear hijab. Then the Muslim students started protesting. The controversy over the hijab began in the state amid widespread criticism. The protests have now started in various states. The matter has even been taken to court. The Karnataka High Court has banned the wearing of hijab for the time being. At the same time, the country’s Supreme Court has advised not to spread the controversy at the national level.

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