In the ‘Olympic goal’, Mohammedan got stuck with Sheikh Russell

In the ‘Olympic goal’, Mohammedan got stuck with Sheikh Russell

Bangladesh football met the Olympic goal! Goal straight from the corner! Mohammedan Sporting Club lost the Olympic goal at the Shaheed Ahsanullah Master Stadium in Tongi. Kamrul Islam brought points to Chittagong Abahani with this great goal. The match was drawn 1–1.

Earlier, Mohammedan captain Suleiman Diabate also gave the team a great goal. Kamrul was responsible for that goal. But in the end, it was Kamrul who saved Chittagong Abahani from defeat.

Suleiman the Magnificent took the shot from inside the box, which is not usually seen to be a goal. Chittagong Abahani goalkeeper Saiful Islam blocked the nearby post. Diabat’s bullet motion shot didn’t get a chance to move. The ball got caught in the net.

Saiful could not believe that the ball was caught in the net through the post! After entangling the ball in the net, he moved the net of the post for some time and saw if the ball broke through the net and entered the goal.

Their midfielder Shahriar Emon contributed a lot to the Mohammedan captain’s goal. Emon snatched the ball from the left-back Kamrul’s leg from the right edge of their defense and climbed up to reach the offensive line and extended it towards Diabat. The Malian striker entered the box with the ball under control and scored the goal with the bullet speed shot of his right foot.

Chittagong Abahani was ahead in possession of comparative ball in the match. But their attacks were thwarted by two foreign centerbacks from Mohammedan, Jasmine and Aaron John. Jasmine and Aaron effortlessly cleared the crosses floating from both ends.

Mohammedan’s defense could not be broken even in the middle of the ‘open play’. Personal craft was the hope. Leftback Kamrul did that. Kamrul has absolved himself of responsibility by scoring ‘Olympic goal’. His left foot shot from the corner went straight to the post. In 1924, in an international friendly match between Argentina and Uruguay, Argentine forward Cesar Onjari scored from a corner. Since then, such goals have been known as ‘Olympic goals’. Such a goal is not seen in football.

Mohammedan defender Masood Rana left the field after seeing the second yellow card towards the end of the match. He left the field after seeing the second yellow card in two consecutive matches. Earlier, Sheikh Russell also saw a second yellow card. He got his second yellow card today after returning from a one-match ban.

In this draw, Chittagong Abahani is in the fifth position with 5 points in 3 matches, Mohammedan is in the sixth position with a goal difference with equal number of points.