In the wake of a strong storm, the United Kingdom issued a red alert

In the wake of a strong storm, the United Kingdom issued a red alert

The United Kingdom has issued a Red Alert for Hurricane Younis. The strongest storm in the last few years could hit the European country at a speed of 90 miles per hour on Friday (February 18). This information was given by the British media BBC in a report on Friday.

Strong winds are expected in the coastal areas of southwestern England and South Wales between 8am and 12 noon Greenwich Mean Time on Friday, the report said. For this reason, red alert has been issued in these areas. Red alerts are rare in the UK due to storms.

Hurricane Younis, meanwhile, could bring winds of up to 90 mph in southwestern England and South Wales. It warned of severe damage to homes, plants and trains and disrupted electricity services. At the same time, it has been reported that there is a danger of loss of life due to the wreckage.

Many schools have been closed as a precautionary measure in the current situation. The British Meteorological Agency is currently issuing warnings from 8am to 12pm local time.

The BBC reports that the storm has forced millions of people living in coastal areas of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset and South Wales to stay indoors. The rest of England and Wales were also warned of moderate winds from 5am to 9pm on Friday.

Meanwhile, all train services in Wales were canceled on Friday due to the catastrophic situation. Rail service providers have also urged others to avoid traveling in this weather.

The British government also held an emergency meeting on Thursday due to the storm. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the military is ready to help those affected by the storm.