India News | Delhi Police Launches Revamped Website, Digital Feedback System

India News | Delhi Police Launches Revamped Website, Digital Feedback System

New Delhi [India], March 1 (ANI): In a step towards digital enhancement, Delhi Police launched its revamped website, Anubhuti-QR Code Based Feedback System, and e-Chittha portal on Monday.

Speaking at the occasion, Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said these three initiatives have added a new dimension in the digitization and modernization of the Delhi Police. The maximum utilization of technology with an objective to improve the service delivery system and ensure the safety and security of people is essential in the present environment.

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According to Delhi Police, Anubhuti – Feedback Management System will establish two-way communication with the public and improve the police working through the analysis of feedback received. It is a paperless feedback system. The citizens visiting the police station have to scan the QR code of the police station and mark the feedback responses. The response database will be utilized to analyse and take corrective steps for improvement in the police-public interface. The identity of the user will not be disclosed.

Asthana said e-Chittha is the backbone of duty deployment. Implementation of e-Chittha will not only ensure optimal use of manpower resources but also increase efficiency and transparency in working. Thus, the staff will get sufficient time for family and their own health and wellbeing and would work with more zeal and enthusiasm.

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The merging of PCR into districts has resulted in the availability of more manpower and patrol vehicles at beat and Police stations. For the optimal use of resources and manpower, the need for a digital duty roster was emphasized. Further, separation of law and order and investigation at all police stations had also necessitated equal distribution of work to bring about the desired results. The e-Chittha has been operative in all 178 territorial police stations from Monday. (ANI)

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