India News | Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Kyiv ISKCON Opens Temple Door for Stranded People

India News | Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Kyiv ISKCON Opens Temple Door for Stranded People

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], February 26 (ANI): Amid escalating tensions in Ukraine, ISKCON has opened the temple gates for needy people in the Eastern European country.

“ISKCON temples all over Ukraine are ready to serve people in need. Our devotees and temples are committed to serving those in distress. Our temple doors are open for service”, said Vice-President of ISKCON, Kolkata, Radharaman Das on Saturday.

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ISKCON has over 54 temples in Ukraine and our devotees and the temples are trying to serve others in whatever way they can serve. Today morning we got an update from our devotees in Kyiv and by Lord Krishna’s grace, all of them are safe and our 54 temples are safe too, said Radharaman.

“When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Our ISKCON devotees in Ukraine are in fact one step ahead. When life throws lemons at them, they make lemonade and share it with others. In these difficult times, our devotees are busy serving others, risking their own lives”, stated Vice-President of ISKCON Kolkata.

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“In the past also, during the Chechnya war, our devotees served those in distress, specially old people who are stranded in their flats and no one is there to take care of them. Risking their life, the ISCKON devotees have reached out to people. Many have even died serving during the Chechnya war. The same spirit is there during these difficult times and the devotees are working out how best they can serve people stranded in war zones in Ukraine”, informed Radharaman Das.

Meanwhile, Raju Gopal Das, a devotee of Kyiv’s Hare Krishna temple shared a video on the situation in the city. He said, “The situation among the devotees is stable. Everyone is afraid and disturbed. We have prepared the temple for devotees.”

To find the nearest temples around you in Ukraine, please visit: (ANI)

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