Landslide death toll rises to 94 in Brazil

Landslide death toll rises to 94 in Brazil

The death toll from floods and landslides in the Brazilian city of Petropolis has risen to 94. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in the mountainous tourist city of Petropolis, north of Rio de Janeiro, on Tuesday. News from the BBC.

Floods and landslides have destroyed homes in the area. City roads have also been washed away. Vehicles on the road can be seen floating in the water.

In such a situation, the mayor of the city has declared a state of emergency. Search and rescue teams are trying to rescue survivors trapped in the mud.
Brazil’s civil defense tweeted that 24 people had been rescued so far, with 94 dead.

Wendell P. Lorenko, 24, a resident of the town, was going to a local church to seek refuge. “I saw a baby girl lying on the ground,” she told AFP. A war-like situation has been created in the city.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is on an official visit to Russia, said he had ordered immediate assistance to those affected.

More than 160 troops have been deployed in the city of Petropoulos. A special team of rescuers could arrive there on Wednesday, local time.

Floods and landslides have seen cars floating on city streets
Floods and landslides have seen cars floating on city streetsPhoto: Reuters
Floods and landslides are estimated to have damaged at least 60 homes in one of the worst-hit areas of the city.

The popular tourist city of Petropolis was once the summer residence of Brazil’s powerful men. But because of the location, the city is extremely vulnerable to landslides.

More than 900 people were killed in landslides in 2011 in Petropolis and nearby cities.