‘My mother’s death has been my greatest help’

‘My mother’s death has been my greatest help’

He’s one of the best boxers of all time, but Mike Tyson’s behavior has always been questionable. That’s why Tyson can say this about his mother’s death, who would have thought that! In the eyes of a 55-year-old former boxer from the United States, his mother’s death has been a good thing for him! Tyson thinks that the biggest benefit of life has been in it.

Anyone who hears it will hear it, but its interpretation may reflect Tyson’s attitude. Tyson feels that if his mother had survived, Tyson would not have been as hard-hearted as anyone had to be to build a career in boxing. His title speaks volumes about how tough Tyson was at ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’!

‘Honestly, my mother’s death has been the biggest benefit of my life’ সবাই everyone was surprised to hear Tyson’s words in the last interview with the club! Explaining why he thinks so, Tyson said, ‘Because if my mother were alive I would have to have a baby! I will fight on the street, it would not happen! In that case, I would not have learned to fight to save myself.

Tyson did not earn less money in his career
Tyson did not earn less money in his careerPhoto: Tyson’s Instagram
Tyson’s mother, Lorna Tyson, died of cancer in 1982. Three years later, ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson’s boxing career began.

Before coming to boxing, Tyson’s childhood was not pleasant at all. The Brownville environment in Brooklyn, New York, USA, where Tyson grew up, was not at all ideal for a child to grow up. Fights, clashes … what was not! I had to go to the police station many times. Mother- has rescued him.

Recalling that time, Tyson expressed his gratitude to his mother, saying, ‘My mother really did a lot for me. He would always go to the police station and pick me up. In front of the police, however, he would kill and remove the skin of the back.

If Mom had survived, she probably wouldn’t have let Tyson get into boxing
If Mom had survived, she probably wouldn’t have let Tyson get into boxingPhoto: Tyson’s Instagram
When Tyson’s mother died, Tyson was only 18. Tyson later became a boxer in the hands of US boxing manager and coach Cass Damato.

However, this is not the first time Tyson has spoken of his mother’s love and respect. Tyson once said about his mother that his mother was very aggressive. At one of the hotboxing events, Tyson said, “He loved a lot, but he was also very aggressive. He never managed his life, never worked that way. He never thought twice to put his hand on his body, he would hit whatever he could get his hands on. He used to drink a lot. He also had many boyfriends. ‘

Tyson also took advantage of his mother’s boyfriends, but in an illegal way, ‘Sometimes his boyfriends would come home, they would drink together. I would steal money from their pockets. ‘