Pique told the Barca president to release Messi

Pique told the Barca president to release Messi

Understand the reason behind Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona and the drama is not over! One by one the news came in the Spanish media, the drama became more intense. Doubt grows louder, or the arrow of accusation falls on someone new.

Following the investigative report of the Spanish daily El Pais, such an accusation has been leveled at Gerard Pique, a teammate and friend of Messi’s many years in Barcelona. Messi is very angry with Pique when he finds out that Pique has a hand behind the fact that he has to leave Bar্সa, such news has come many times before. El Pais reports that Barcelona president Juan Laporta was told by Pique that if Messi is released, Barcelona will win!

He is showing that he has not made any profit in the field game at all. Barহীনa Messi, who was at least relevant to the competition in Europe during Messi’s tenure, has become the back row team in the Spanish league title race in the last few months, 15 points behind the top Real Madrid, at number four on the points table.

After being knocked out of the group stage of the Champions League, now Bar জায়গাa’s place is in the Europa League! Bar প্রথমa will take on Napoli tomorrow in the first leg of the last 16 play-offs of the UEFA Champions League, one step down in the Champions League. Bar দুইa will only be able to play in the last 16 if they win two legs here.

When Barাa is feeling the lack of Messi on the field every day, at such a time the news came, PK has shaken the machine behind Messi’s departure! Messi’s contract with Barারa expired last June, but he was unable to renew his contract with the much-paid Barাa League’s salary structure.

Bar সভাপতিa president Juan Laporta, however, has never acknowledged that. From June to August, Laporta still said that Messi’s contract was being renewed.
The Spanish media had confirmed that Messi’s contract with Bar্সa would be renewed from the morning of 5 August, but that night Bar হঠাৎa announced with a sudden 180 degree bend that it was not possible to renew the contract with Messi. Because? League salary limit!

Clubs can usually pay up to 80 percent of their income, but before Messi’s contract was renewed, Bar বারa’s salary was billed to 95 percent of the club’s income! If Messi’s contract was renewed, it would be 115 percent of the income! In the end, Messi was forced to change clubs for the first time at the age of 34, after a 21-year relationship with Bar বারa, and went to PSG.