Putin changing strategy: White House

Putin changing strategy: White House

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie says Russian President Vladimir Putin has changed his strategy since the US intelligence agency leaked the information.

“President Putin did not expect the United States to have this level of information,” Jane Sackie was quoted as saying by the BBC. He did not expect that we would be able to present this amount of information.

Regarding the imposition of sanctions on Russia, the White House press secretary said that the Russian president did not expect the international community to be united and to impose sanctions on Russia in a united manner.

“Our assessment is that in light of our actions, President Putin is changing what he does now,” Saki said. He also said that Putin was changing his tactics.

Russia has been hit by a series of sanctions in response to President Vladimir Putin’s move on the Ukraine issue. In addition to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan, the European Union, an alliance of 28 European countries, has already announced sanctions. They have threatened to extend sanctions if Russia takes an aggressive stance.

In addition, 351 Russian lawmakers are subject to EU sanctions. The process of freezing Russian funds in EU banks is also underway. Germany has suspended the ongoing Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project to import gas from Russia.

Regarding the gas pipeline, the White House press secretary said that work on this pipeline will not continue. The work of this pipeline will not start in the next few days.