Ramakrishna Ashram on behalf of the lawyer of Muslim students in the hijab case

Ramakrishna Ashram on behalf of the lawyer of Muslim students in the hijab case

The controversy over hijab in schools and colleges in Karnataka is unnecessary and anti-peace. The Ramakrishna Ashram in Karwar district of the state has commented on the stand taken by a lawyer who was attacked for representing Muslim students in a case involving hijab. News from NDTV.

The lawyer’s name is Devdatta Kamat. He has been targeted by right-wingers for quoting verses from the Koran to protect students fighting for the right to wear the hijab in schools and colleges. The chief priest of the Ramakrishna Ashram in the state said that Devadatta did no harm to Hinduism through this.

Swami Bhaveshananda, the chief priest of the Ramakrishna Ashram, said, “There is an unnecessary discussion going on in schools and colleges about the dress code for Muslim female students. I am saddened to witness a heated debate on this issue at various levels of society. This is definitely not a good thing in the interest of peace and harmony in the society.

According to Indian media outlet NDTV, priest Swami Bhaveshananda said in a statement, “I am deeply saddened to see the name of Devdatta Kamat. A senior Supreme Court lawyer is being dragged into the debate because he is representing a party in court as a lawyer.

Swami Bhaveshananda further said, ‘Some people are trying to portray him as anti-Hindu. This idea is completely undesirable and baseless. A lawyer in court works to get his client justice. It is professional work and responsibility. It cannot be identified as anti-Hindu. ‘


Devdatta Kamat told the Karnataka High Court on Thursday that the hijab was part of the culture of Muslim students and could not be influenced, arguing that it was against the ban on wearing hijab in schools and colleges in Udupi district of Karnataka.

Lawyer Devdatta Kamat further told the court that day, “Our fundamental rights are now being held hostage by the College Development Committee. The government order also said that banning hijab for students is not a violation of Article 25 of the constitution. The state government has declared the government’s order as innocent, but it is not as innocent.

Muslim students began protesting last month after six students at the Government Girls’ PU College in Karnataka’s Udupi district complained that they were not allowed to enter the classroom to wear the hijab. The controversy over the hijab began in the state amid widespread criticism.

Trinamool West Bengal general secretary Kunal Ghosh has demanded the arrest of Mukul Roy, who returned to the party after joining the BJP from the Trinamool Congress. He made the claim on Friday.

Kunal Ghosh has appealed to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) of India to arrest Mukul Roy. He said that the sensational Sarada and Narad scandal cases are going on against Mukul. He should be arrested in that case.

Calling Mukul Roy an influential conspirator, Kunal said he used various political parties to defend himself. So he should not be let go.

Mukul was elected MLA of West Bengal Assembly on a BJP ticket. He is fulfilling this responsibility even after joining the grassroots. A state BJP leader has approached the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly to remove Mukul from the post of MLA. Trinamool leader Kunal demanded his arrest soon after the appeal was rejected.