Saudi alliance attacks Houthi telecommunications system

Saudi alliance attacks Houthi telecommunications system

In Yemen, a Saudi-led military coalition has carried out a drone strike on a telecommunications network of Houthi rebels. Saudi state TV reported the news on Monday. Earlier, the Saudi coalition called for the safe evacuation of civilians from Yemen’s ministries in the capital, Sanaa. News Reuters.

Residents told Reuters the bombing targeted a ground station for a satellite near the North Sana’a Ministry of Telecommunications.

Local time today, Houthi-controlled TV Al Masirah confirmed the attack. Al-Masirah reports that the building of the telecom company Teleimen collapsed in an attack by the coalition. The drone strike also damaged a nearby building, the report said.

The coalition says Iran-backed Houthis use the ministry’s headquarters to launch hate operations. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a convoy of Houthis in Saudi Arabia’s Ava International Airport. The goal of the drone strike was to destroy the facility.

The Houthis carried out a drone strike at Saudi Arabia’s Ava International Airport on Thursday. Twelve people were injured in the Houthi attack at the airport.

Yemen has been in conflict for seven years. During this time, Houthi forces carried out numerous drone and missile attacks in Saudi Arabia. The latest Houthi rebels fired multiple missiles at Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. In response, the Saudi-led coalition launched airstrikes inside Yemen.

The Saudi alliance intervened militarily in Yemen in 2015 after Houthi rebels seized control of the capital Sanaa, overthrowing an internationally recognized government.