Send a strong message to Putin: Jelensky to Biden

Send a strong message to Putin: Jelensky to Biden

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on US President Joe Biden to send a strong message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden will deliver a State of the Union address in the United States on Tuesday, marking the anniversary of his coming to power. Earlier, in an interview with Reuters and CNN from the Kiev bunker, Zelensky called on the US president to send a strong message to Putin.

“It’s not a movie,” Zelensky, a former comedy star and president of Ukraine, told CNN. This is a very serious matter. “I am not iconic,” he said. But I think Ukraine is iconic. Ukraine is the heart of Europe. Now I think Europe sees Ukraine as something special for this world. That is why the world cannot lose this special thing. ‘

As long as Moscow’s attacks on Ukrainian cities continue, there could be little progress in the talks, Zelensky said. We have to talk first. Everyone has to stop fighting and go back to where they started five or six days ago.

The President of Ukraine said, “I think there are many important things that you can do. If you do that and if that party does it accordingly, then it will be understood that they are ready for peace. If they do not, it means they are wasting time. ‘

Asked if Ukraine was wasting time negotiating with Russia, Zelonsky said, “We’ll see.”


Russia launched an attack on Ukraine last Thursday. Then, on Monday, for the first time in Belarus, the officials of the two countries sat down for negotiations. There has been no progress on ending the war. However, both sides later agreed to continue further discussions. A number of key Ukrainian cities, including the capital, Kiev, were attacked on Tuesday. The Russian attack saw Kiev’s TV tower burn down.