Seventh grade classes start from tomorrow’s child in West Bengal

Seventh grade classes start from tomorrow’s child in West Bengal

In West Bengal, schools are being opened for seventh grade students from children on Wednesday in compliance with Corona’s restrictions. Corona deaths and infections are declining in the state day by day. This is the reason for bringing children to school.

Yesterday, Chief Secretary of the state Harikrishna Dwivedi said this in a directive. The doors of all the eighth grade schools in the state were opened on February 3. This time it was opened up to the seventh grade.

At present there are 50,259 government and government aided primary schools in West Bengal. There are 15 thousand 599 children’s education centers. There are 9,991 secondary schools and 4,382 higher secondary schools. And there are 1 lakh 32 thousand 306 ICDS. This ICDS provides education for children from newborn to six years. As a result, all the schools-colleges, universities, polytechnics, ITIs and other educational institutions that have been closed for two years are now fully operational in compliance with Corona’s restrictions.

Meanwhile, the situation in the state is improving. In the last 24 hours, 320 people were infected in the state on Monday evening. Which was the lowest since March 20 last year. On March 20 last year, 363 people were infected in the state. After 331 days yesterday, the infection rate in this state has come down to the lowest.

According to the state health department, 23 people have died in Corona in the last 24 hours. Now, however, 11,626 people are being treated at various hospitals in the state. Yesterday, 24,006 people were tested for corona in this state. 31 thousand 959 people have been vaccinated. And the rate of infection has come down to 1.29. As a result, 21,040 people have died and 20,11,221 people have been infected with corona in this state including Kolkata.

Corona samples were tested on 2 crore 36 lakh 6 thousand 421 people and 12 crore 89 lakh 52 thousand 111 doses were given.