Several British nationals detained in Afghanistan: United Kingdom

Several British nationals detained in Afghanistan: United Kingdom

A number of UK nationals have been detained in Afghanistan. The statement came from the UK government on Saturday. They have already reported the matter to the Taliban authorities in Afghanistan. The news agency AFP reported this information.

The UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement in this regard. A day before the statement, the Taliban released two foreign journalists. Among them is a former BBC correspondent.

“We are assisting the families of several British men detained in Afghanistan,” the Foreign Office said in a statement.

However, the statement did not say exactly how many British nationals were being held in Afghanistan and who or what had detained them.

The statement said that the detention of several British nationals in Afghanistan had been raised by the British authorities at every opportunity. Even when a UK delegation recently visited Kabul, the issue was raised with the Taliban.

Several British nationals detained in Afghanistan: United Kingdom

A British delegation led by Hugo Shorter, head of the UK’s Afghan mission in Qatar, visited Kabul early last week. There they met with Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki.

Hugo Shorter said during his visit to Kabul that he had talked to Taliban officials about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, as well as allegations of human rights abuses in the country.

At least six British nationals have been detained in Afghanistan, Western media reported on Friday. Among them is former BBC correspondent Andrew North. He was, however, later released.

AFP contacted Taliban authorities to find out about the incident. But Taliban officials have not commented.
With the withdrawal of US-led forces from Afghanistan after 20 years of foreign occupation, power in the country fell to the Taliban in mid-August last year.

The Taliban announced the formation of a government last September after taking power. But no country in the world has so far officially recognized the Taliban government.

The Taliban continue to push for international recognition. However, the West is giving the Taliban various preconditions for gaining international recognition.

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