Sometimes it seems like the heart isn’t working properly: Aguero

Sometimes it seems like the heart isn’t working properly: Aguero

It has not been long since he left football. It would be wrong to say left, forced to leave. The heart that had football in its heart is no longer allowed to play football. How is Sergio Aguero’s life going now when he suddenly said goodbye to football at the age of 33?

The words of the Argentine striker are sure to add to the suffering of any football fan. Aguero, who used to walk the football field a few days ago, now feels tired with a little effort. The Argentine striker feels like his heart has stopped working!

Fortune has repeatedly brought bad news for Aguero since he moved to Barcelona last August following a deal with Manchester City. He went to Bar্সa with the dream of playing in a club next to his dear friend Lionel Messi, but after he left, Messi left Bara for PSG.

Then Aguero himself got injured. After recovering from it, he was slowly returning to the field, getting the first goal in the Bar্সa jersey in the match against Real Madrid, then Aguero faced the biggest nightmare!

Aguero suffered a sudden chest pain in the match against Alaves in late October and sat on the field. After leaving the field on foot, it was found out after examination at the hospital that he had irregular heartbeat.

At first, Barca said Aguero would be out of action for three months. But within a week after much experimentation, the Spanish media almost confirmed that the Argentine striker was not returning to football.

In the end, that is what happened. Aguero told a Cannavaje news conference last December that his heart was no longer allowing him to play football. At the age of 33, he had to put on a pair of boots. From then on, Aguero’s days were spent behind the scenes. But yesterday, the video broadcast media Twitch Aguero’s words made the football fans sigh again.

Aguero was talking about how life is going after retirement, how his heart is now, saying, ‘Now if I try to play a little bit of football, I find it very difficult to breathe. Sometimes I wonder if I can finish a sprint right now! I feel like my heart is not working properly. ‘

Aguero, who has scored 41 goals in Argentina’s jersey, has played the last of his 101 matches in the aqua-white jersey at the Copa America in Brazil last June. Aguero did not play much on the field in the tournament, but Aguero was a partner in Argentina’s 26-year international title-winning celebration – at least his career ended with that satisfaction.

But the brightest chapter in Aguero’s career will be his time in Manchester City, not Argentina. He is Manchester City’s all-time leading goalscorer, having scored 164 goals in 265 Premier League appearances. He has also won five Premier League titles.

However, the first of these is probably the most memorable title of Aguero’s career. Aguero’s last-minute goal on the last day of the league in 2012 saw City win the league by beating Manchester United, their 44-year-old league title-drought.