Students cannot enter Karnataka without removing hijab

Students cannot enter Karnataka without removing hijab

India is debating the ban on hijab in educational institutions. In a government-aided school in Karnataka’s Mandia district on Monday, students were instructed to remove their hijabs and enter the school premises. Indian media NDTV reported this news in an online report.

Educational institutions in Karnataka were temporarily closed after tensions erupted over the ban on hijab. The aggrieved Muslim students approached the court. In this regard, the Karnataka High Court in an interim order last week said that educational institutions can be opened, but religious dress cannot be worn.

According to the NDTV report, on Monday, when a student wanted to enter the school wearing hijab, a teacher asked him to remove the hijab in compliance with the court order.
Indian news agency ANI has released a video footage of the incident. It shows a woman (possibly a teacher) blocking students from wearing hijab in front of the school’s main gate. He was also seen instructing a student to remove his hijab.


The video footage also shows some parents talking to the teacher about why their children are being barred from entering the school.

After a heated argument between the two parties, the students took off their hijabs and wore masks in accordance with the rules of covid and then they were allowed to enter the school premises.
A man who came to school with his two daughters was detained for a while. During this time the female teacher spoke to him. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He calmed down a bit while talking to the teacher. He then asked his two children to remove the hijab. Later they enter the school.

A ninth-grade student at a government school in Udupi district told NDTV that one of his classmates had to remove his hijab to go to class.

Schools in Karnataka were reopened for students up to class 10 on Monday after the state government closed for several days to control the situation amid a controversy over the hijab. However, students of class XI and XII are not able to go to school. Their classes will start next Wednesday.

Muslim students began protesting in December last year after six students at the Government Girls’ PU College in the Udupi district of Karnataka complained that they were not allowed to enter the classroom to wear the hijab. The controversy over the hijab began in the state amid widespread criticism. They then approached the Karnataka High Court. The case went to the Supreme Court. Chief Justice of India NV Ramna said, “We will do it in due course if we want to intervene.”