Tech News | Snapchat Announces First Live Location Feature

Tech News | Snapchat Announces First Live Location Feature

Washington [US], February 18 (ANI): Snapchat will introduce real-time location sharing, meant to be used as a temporary buddy system, for example, while friends and family are en route to a date or headed home.

As per The Verge, the feature is similar to the Find My app on iOS, where users who’ve opted in can see and share the precise location. The Snapchat setting can be enabled for 15 minutes or a few hours with individual users and is only available between mutual friends on the app.

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In order to lower the risk of stalking or being pressured to constantly share location, users can pause sharing without sending the other party a notification, Snapchat said. The feature is off by default and there is no option to share real-time location with all Snapchat friends.

To enable the setting, users navigate to a friend’s profile and select the duration of location sharing. The status of live location sharing is visible within the chat window with that friend.

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This update is the first live location feature for Snapchat. Users already have the option to let friends see where they were when they last used the app, which populates the Snap Map — used by 250 million Snapchat users a month. (ANI)

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