That’s why the United States has a headache with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

That’s why the United States has a headache with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Amid ongoing tensions in the Western world with Russia over the Ukraine issue, the United States is working hard to keep the Kremlin out of the war. Joe Biden is trying to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin with threats. He warned that Russia would have to pay a high price if it attacked Ukraine. CNN has published an analytical report on the reasons behind the United States’ desperate efforts to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The report predicts that Biden will suffer politically if Russia invades Ukraine. His image may be tarnished. Questions may arise about his strength and courage. The US economy could also suffer. And above all, it will have a huge impact on the country’s midterm elections.

Jack Sullivan, the US president’s national security adviser, warned on Sunday that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time. In an interview with CNN’s State of the Union presenter Jack Tapper, Sullivan said the way Russia has deployed and trained its forces suggests they could soon take major military action.

Sullivan said the attack could be triggered by missiles and bombs. And there is a risk of death of a significant number of civilians.

“If Russia moves forward, we will protect NATO territory,” Sullivan said. Russia will have to pay the price for this. We will definitely do that. Because the Western world is now much stronger, more determined, and more productive than it was 30 years ago. Russia will have to pay a significant strategic price in the end for military action.

The United States will not send troops directly to Ukraine to protect it. Ukraine, a former Soviet Union, is not a member of the Western military alliance NATO. So there is no risk of a direct confrontation between the Russian and US forces. However, the United States has deployed troops in neighboring Romania and Poland to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine. Poland and Romania, once part of the Iron Curtain, are now NATO members. The Iron Curtain is the name of the political boundary that divides Europe into two separate regions. It was an Iron Curtain from the end of World War II in 1945 until the end of the Cold War in 1991.

Influence on foreign policy
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could affect US democratic policy. The United States has been pursuing a foreign policy for decades based on the principle that the people will choose their own leader. CNN reports that Russia’s attack on Ukraine could prompt China to take action against Taiwan. And if China does, the United States could be embroiled in a major war. And it will be a bigger war than the Russian campaign in Ukraine. However, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States will have to deal with the internal shock of the country first. The United States will fall into various economic crises. And that will have an impact on Biden and his Democratic Party in the midterm elections next November.

Last Sunday, US President Joe Biden promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to take action against Russia. He says such a move would punish Russia “quickly and unquestionably.” However, such a move could change US foreign policy. And that would create another crisis for Biden.

A Russian tank on the border with Ukraine
A Russian tank on the border with UkrainePhoto: AFP file photo
For the first time in 30 years, a direct standoff has erupted between the two major nuclear powers, the United States and Russia. If the United States takes steps to punish or kill the Russians, tensions will rise. Some in Congress have called for funding for the Ukrainian rebels in the same way that the United States did to drive Moscow out of Afghanistan in the 1980s. Russia has the ability to respond to such moves, CNN reports. The country also has the potential to disrupt US diplomacy around the world.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine could push up oil prices. And it will be painful for motorists in the United States. Biden’s popularity has already plummeted due to high gas prices. According to the American Automobile Association, the current average price of gas is ৮ 3.46. As of last Thursday, inflation in the United States had risen to 7.5 percent. This is the highest inflation rate in the United States since 1982.

Influence on midterm elections
Republicans are already trying to portray Biden as a weak man. The US president has been unable to persuade Putin to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In an interview with Fox News on Saturday, former US President Donald Trump claimed that Putin had been inspired to challenge the United States by hastily withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. Trump claims he could have prevented Putin from doing so. “I know him well,” he said. I saw him very closely. We respect each other. ‘

Trump has claimed that no other US administration has been as hard on Russia as his administration.

Trump’s remarks indicate how Republicans might react to Biden if Russia launches an operation in Ukraine. Before the midterm elections, the Republican camp will have the opportunity to campaign for itself by presenting Biden as weak and incompetent. They want to imply that the world has lost respect for the United States since Trump’s departure.

Biden warned Putin during a phone conversation on Saturday. He warned that if Russia invaded Ukraine, it would take a number of steps, including imposing sanctions. However, the CNN report hints that these repeated warnings could be counterproductive for Biden. Because, if Putin ignores these warnings and launches an operation in Ukraine, then Biden could face controversy. He may be accused of not being able to do anything.

Republicans want to present the rise in gas and basic commodity prices in the United States in the wake of the Corona epidemic as a weakness in Biden’s economic management. If Russia invades Ukraine, they will have the opportunity to launch a campaign against the Biden administration.

Impact on Biden’s popularity
According to a new CNN / SSRS poll released last week, Biden’s popularity plummeted to 41 percent. The crisis could escalate if Russia invades Ukraine. The history of the United States shows that the presidents who are in such a crisis have lost the first midterm elections.

According to a CNN poll conducted in January and February, only 45 percent of pro-Democrat and pro-Democratic voters want to see Biden again as presidential candidate in 2024. 51 percent want someone else to be nominated as a candidate.

There can be no better news for Trump than this. With 50 percent of Republican and pro-Republican voters wanting Trump to run for president again. Among Republicans, 49 percent want an alternative candidate.

Even now, if Biden succeeds in uniting NATO allies in the United States and inflicts harsh punishment on Russia for invading Ukraine, he does not seem to be able to attract much voters. On the contrary, if Putin does not come at the last minute and withdraw his troops from the Ukrainian border, Biden will be able to propagate in the midterm elections that Russia has retreated because of its strength. But Putin wants to keep up the pressure on Ukraine, even if it does not launch a full-scale offensive. And his plans will continue to be a headache for the United States and Biden.