The Australian who won the World Cup left PSL with big complaints

The Australian who won the World Cup left PSL with big complaints

Australian all-rounder James Faulkner has withdrawn from Pakistan’s domestic Twenty20 tournament PSL. Faulkner also explained why he withdrew at the end of the tournament. The left-arm pacer, who has not played for Australia since 2016, has accused the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of violating his contract.

Meanwhile, the PCB has decided not to include him in the draft of PSL in future by making counter allegations against him.


Quetta Gladiators all-rounder Faulkner tweeted the allegation. He apologized to Pakistani cricket fans for leaving before the end of the tournament and wrote on Twitter: “Unfortunately, I have to withdraw before the last two matches and leave the PSL T20. The PCB has violated my contract and remuneration.

Faulkner also tweeted that the PCB had lied to him, “I was in the tournament the whole time, but they were lying to me.”

Faulkner in Quetta jersey
Faulkner in Quetta jerseyPhoto: Twitter
Whatever the reason for leaving, Faulkner said he was having trouble not being able to finish the PSL. “I’m having trouble leaving the tournament. Because, I wanted to help bring international cricket back to Pakistan. There are a lot of young talents in Pakistan and the supporters here are awesome. But the way PCB and PSL treated me is a shame. I’m sure you all understand my condition. ‘

Faulkner played in 6 of the first 6 matches of Quetta Gladiators. The best player of the 2015 World Cup final announced his departure from PSL by tweeting before the team’s ninth match in the tournament before the match against Multan Sultans yesterday. Tomorrow, Quetta will play their last match in the first round against the bottom-ranked Karachi Kings. With 3 wins in 9 matches, Quetta is currently in the fifth place among 6 teams with 6 points.

In response to Faulkner’s tweet, the PCB retweeted at 5pm Bangladesh time, “James Faulkner’s false and misleading allegations have come to the notice of the PCB and Quetta Gladiators and will be detailed in a statement very soon.” The PCB issued a statement at 6:25 p.m. They also made a big decision by explaining the incident in that statement. The PCB has decided not to include Faulkner in the PSL draft again in the future.

PCB sources told Pakistan’s Geo News about Faulkner’s sudden departure from the PSL. Faulkner has been paid 80 per cent of his total debts. The remaining 30 percent is to be paid 40 days after the end of PSL. But that source claims, Faulkner has demanded extra money from Quetta!

The PCB has also counter-accused Faulkner. Geo News quoted a PCB source as saying, “By drinking alcohol before leaving, he has damaged the property of Pearl Continental Hotel. He had to pay for it when he left the hotel. He also misbehaved with security personnel at Lahore airport. They have already informed the higher authorities about the matter.