The bowler has played 15 Tests in 6 years in the history of New Zealand

The bowler has played 15 Tests in 6 years in the history of New Zealand

The Test series against New Zealand is being broadcast in South Africa at midnight. Those who left the television with half sleep in their eyes must have been surprised. Who is playing behind the name of South Africa in Christchurch? A few days ago, a team won the Test series by defeating strong India at home. That team is so frustrated in the field of New Zealand!

The Proteas were bowled out for 95 runs. Matt Henry is the cause of their plight at Hagley Oval in Christchurch. This name, even if it is a little, can keep the cricket fans away. He has not had a chance in the last five Tests for New Zealand. Trent Bolt has been called up to the Test team for the last five years due to his paternity leave. Henry made history with the opportunity. South Africa collapsed with 8 wickets for 23 runs. He took all three in one over.

South Africa’s 95-run knock is already a big event. This is the first time since 1932 that they have been bowled out in the first innings of a Test. They were all out for just 36 in the first innings of the Melbourne Test against Australia 90 years ago. He has been unique in match history. Australia also did not do very well in the first innings. However, 153 runs was enough to win the innings. South Africa were all out for 45 in the second innings. The test result, which ended with 656 balls, is the smallest of such tests.

Henry also reminded Sir Richard Hadley of New Zealand today with his spell. Kiwi Great took 8 wickets against India in Wellington in 1986 with just 23 runs. Sitting next to Hadley with the best bowling record for New Zealand at home is a dream come true for any New Zealand fast bowler, not just Henry. But Henry is an irregular figure in the Bolt-Saudi-Jamison-Wagner crowd.

Henry in bowling action
Henry in bowling actionPhoto: AFP
The bowler who has never taken 5 wickets before is a part of the history of New Zealand cricket today. The best bowling on New Zealand soil is, of course, an Indian — Erapalli Prasannavedi. Prasannavedi took 6 wickets for 6 runs in Auckland in 1986.

Not only did Henry sit next to Richard Hadley, he now has the third-best bowling analysis in New Zealand Test history. In this place, however, Hadley is ahead of him. The legend took 9 for 51 against Australia in 1985. And first of all there is Ejaz Patel who got 10 wickets in one innings of Test last December.

Henry himself calls such a performance “weird.” There is the matter of a memorable return to Test cricket. What could be more dreamy than a performance he did in front of Hadley. New Zealand’s all-time greatest cricketer was present at the Hagley Oval today. Sitting next to Sir Richard Hadley on a great record is like a dream come true. It’s really a surreal moment.

He also revealed the secret of his performance, ‘Previous experience of playing at Hagley Oval in Christchurch has come in handy here. I knew how to use the length in bowling on this wicket, how to use it.

However, Henry thinks that the help of his teammates is also important here. “We all bowled well together. All in all, I put pressure on South Africa from both sides. They did not give their batsmen a chance to think of anything else. This is the main reason behind the performance.

Debuted in 2015, but Henry played only the 15th Test in Christchurch. Coming and going in the team has become his habit. But if it is so irregular, it is a bit difficult to hold on to one’s motivation. But Henry thinks he has no shortage of motivation. Somehow he finds motivation, ‘The matter is difficult sometimes. But I do not pay much attention to external issues, I focus on the game. What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? Rather, it is better to do what you can. This is what motivates me. I just try to improve my game. ‘