The girls of Bangladesh will get the prize money in the World Cup

The girls of Bangladesh will get the prize money in the World Cup

Bangladesh captain Nigar Sultana has already said that his hopes of playing in the semi-finals or finals of the first World Cup are too high. The Women’s World Cup, which is going to start in New Zealand from March 4, is a great opportunity for Bangladesh to gain experience. But the money is not less. The list of awards announced by the ICC today says that even if they return home without winning any match from the World Cup, the Bangladesh girls team will get more than 15 lakh rupees.

The ICC announcement has further increased the motivation of all other teams including Bangladesh. This time the ICC has increased the amount of money prizes in the girls’ World Cup. The team that will be the champion in this year’s World Cup in the final of Christchurch on April 3 will get 13 lakh 20 thousand US dollars, which is about 11 crore 34 lakh 92 thousand taka in Bangladeshi currency. England, who lost to India in the final of the World Cup final at Lord’s in 2016, received US পুরস্কার 660,000 or about কোটি 564,000. However, this time the champion team will get almost double the money of the last champion team.

Not only the champion team, the total prize money has also increased by about 75 percent this time. The total prize money in the New Zealand World Cup is around 30 crore 9 lakh 26 thousand taka. The prize money for the girls’ World Cup is constantly increasing. Compared to the 2013 World Cup, the prize money was increased 10 times in the 2018 World Cup. The total prize money in the 2013 World Cup was about 1 crore 61 lakh 92 thousand rupees.

This time the runners-up team will get around 5 crore 15 lakh 7 thousand rupees in the World Cup, which is about 2 crore 32 lakh more than the money received by the runners-up India of the last edition. Apart from this, each of the two teams that lost in the semi-finals will get around 2 crore 57 lakh 93 thousand rupees. Round robin system will be a 6-team tournament. At the end of the group stage, the top four teams will advance to the semifinals. Of course, even if they can’t play in the semifinals, no one will have to return empty handed.

The teams that leave the group stage will be given a total of 60 lakh 17 thousand rupees. Last time this figure was about 25 lakh 7 thousand rupees. Apart from this, for winning each match in the group stage, there will be a prize of around Tk 21 lakh 49 thousand.

However, the gap between the boys ‘World Cup and the girls’ World Cup is quite large. In 2019, England, the champion of the boys ’10-team tournament, received around Rs 34.36 crore, which is more than the total prize money of this year’s girls’ World Cup. Bangladesh’s World Cup campaign will start on March 5. Bangladesh’s opponent in the first match in Dunedin is South Africa. Bangladesh’s last match in the group stage is against England on March 26 in Wellington. This time the World Cup is being held in six venues.