The mayoral candidate was shot dead in the United States

The mayoral candidate was shot dead in the United States

He was shot dead as he entered the office of a local politician in the US state of Kentucky. However, he survived. No one was injured in the shooting. The incident took place at around 10 am local time on Monday.

Police have arrested a man who tried to shoot and kill Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg in Louisville, Kentucky, the BBC has learned.

Craig Greenberg said in a tweet after the incident that his team members were safe and that he would provide up-to-date information in due course.

Louisville police have not yet identified the motive for the killing. According to police, a man entered Craig Greenberg’s office on Monday morning and shot him. However, his clothes were shot. No one was injured in the shooting.

Louisville police arrived shortly after the shooting. Many others, including Greenburg, were seen safely from the building in accordance with the police.

“We feel very lucky today,” Louisville Police Chief Erica Shields told a news conference Monday afternoon.

A mayoral candidate was asked by the BBC to comment on the shooting, but neither police nor Greenberg’s office responded.

David James, president of Louisville’s local city council, told local media that Craig Greenberg had been shot dead.

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