The players do not give the best in the national team when IPL is approaching

The players do not give the best in the national team when IPL is approaching

How much impact franchise cricket has on international cricket is a thing of the past. Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League, Caribbean Premier League স Sunil Gavaskar did not say much about whether these franchise leagues have any effect on international cricket. However, the legendary cricketer has said that his country’s domestic Twenty20 tournament, the IPL, is doing some ‘damage’ to international cricket.

Gavaskar gave an idea in a column in the Times of India about how the IPL is hurting international cricket. “Players don’t try their best in international cricket when it comes to the IPL,” Gavaskar observes. The legendary cricketer also explained why he felt like that, no player wants to get hurt before the IPL auction!

Regarding the mega auction of the just-concluded IPL 2022 season, Gavaskar said, “The India-West Indies ODI series ended a day before the auction. The auction of IPL 2022 was more fun than that series. Gavaskar feels that the IPL, just as it suddenly turns some players into millionaires, also puts pressure on the players. That’s what puts pressure on the players. ”

This time 10 teams of IPL have bought 204 players from the auction. This year’s IPL auction took place right after the West Indies-India ODI series. Looking at the players in this series, Gavaskar thought, ‘The auction is a life-changing affair for the players. It can open the door to the future of the players and their families. This is what can push many players not to try their best for their country. Especially when the IPL is approaching.

Many may think that the players should try to play better before the IPL auction. If you play well before the auction, the franchises will catch your eye! But Gavaskar said, “The players really want to make sure they don’t get hurt. Which could be an obstacle in their way of staying fit for the IPL and problems in getting an IPL contract. That’s why they refrain from diving and sliding or throwing loudly from the boundary.