The World Bank will provide core 350 million in assistance to Ukraine

The World Bank will provide core 350 million in assistance to Ukraine

The World Bank has short- and long-term financing plans in Ukraine. As part of this, the financial institution will give দেশ 350 million to the country. The policy makers of the World Bank will consider the issue by next March. News Reuters.

The World Bank said in a statement that its president, David Malpas, and its Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, met in Munich, Germany, on Saturday, local time. Malpas said the World Bank would stand by Ukraine’s economy and citizens to meet short- and long-term financial needs.

Extreme tensions are running high across Europe over the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Western countries, including the United States, have been claiming that Moscow wants to invade Ukraine. Russia has test-fired several missiles yesterday. In such a situation, Zelensky and Malpas sat in the meeting.

The statement said that after the initial funding of the World Bank, the country will be assisted in many ways. This includes reforms in Ukraine’s energy and climate sectors. During the meeting, Zelensky and Malpas discussed a number of projects related to the country’s energy, infrastructure, railways, economy and job opportunities in eastern Ukraine.

Earlier, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) temporarily withdrew some workers from Ukraine on Monday amid fears of a Russian attack. However, the two organizations said that their activities will continue in the country.

Russia has long deployed large numbers of troops along the Ukrainian border.

Neighboring Belarus is hosting a joint military exercise. Massive Russian military presence has also been observed in Crimea, south of Ukraine. The West claims that Russia has surrounded Ukraine on three fronts. However, the Kremlin has repeatedly stated that it has no involvement in the attack.