Trinamool’s huge victory in 4 municipal corporations of West Bengal

Trinamool’s huge victory in 4 municipal corporations of West Bengal

Last year, a huge victory in the state assembly elections. Then the BJP was pushed hard in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation elections. This time the Trinamool Congress pushed the BJP again in the election of four municipal corporations in the state of West Bengal.

Elections for these four municipal corporations were held last Saturday. The corporations are Asansol, Siliguri, Bidhannagar (Salt Lake) and Chandannagar. Elections were held in 108 wards of Asansol, 48 wards of Siliguri, 41 wards of Bidhannagar and 32 wards of Chandannagar.

The results were announced on Monday. According to the latest news, out of 108 wards of Asansol, Trinamool has won in 72 wards, BJP in 8 wards and Congress in 3 wards.

Out of 48 wards in Siliguri, Trinamool has won 36 seats, BJP 5 seats, Left Front 4 seats and Congress 1 seat.

Out of 41 wards of Bidhannagar Corporation, Trinamool has won in 39 wards, Congress in 1 ward and other parties in 1 ward.

Out of 33 wards of Chandannagar Municipal Corporation, Trinamool has won in 31 wards and Left Front in 1 ward.

In the last municipal polls, Trinamool won 6 out of these four corporations in Asansol, Left Front 18, BJP 6, Congress 3 and Independent 2 wards. In Siliguri, the Left Front won 23, Trinamool Congress 18, Congress 4, BJP 2 and Independent 1 wards. In Bidhannagar, Trinamool won 36, Left Front 2 and Congress 2 wards. In Chandannagar Corporation, Trinamool Congress won 21, Left Front 8, BJP 1 and Independent 3 wards.

After this huge victory of the Trinamool, the activists and supporters of the Trinamool have rallied with Sabuj Abir all over Kolkata. At the same time the festival is going on in different municipal areas.

In this election, Ashok Bhattacharya, a Left Front candidate from Siliguri and former Dapute Minister of the state and former mayor of Siliguri Municipality has lost. Former mayor of Bidhannagar Corporation Sabyasachi Dutt left the grassroots and joined the BJP on the eve of the last assembly elections. This time, the savvy Dutt has come back to the grassroots and won the election again. After winning, Mamata went to Banerjee’s house to meet him. So his chances of returning to the grassroots are getting stronger.