Virat Kohli or Taruar Kohli – which way will they go?

Virat Kohli or Taruar Kohli – which way will they go?

The mega auction of IPL is over, so the story is not over. While the auction was going on, the high price of any player came as a surprise. Again, the reluctance of the parties to take a big star has disappointed. At the end of the auction, many people got the team again. One such cricketer is Nur Ahmed. The Gujarat Titans have signed an Afghan left-arm leg-spinner for Rs 3 million.

A few days ago, Nur came to play in the Under-19 Cricket World Cup. Earlier, the 18-year-old signed up for the IPL with his experience of playing in Pakistan Super League and Big Bash. Another cricketer who played in the Youth World Cup but was sold at 10 times the price of Noor in IPL. Mumbai Indians are giving Rs 3 crore to South Africa’s Daveld Bravis. Punjab Kings are giving Rs 2 crore to Raj Bawa of India.

Trying to retain promising cricketers in advance is nothing new. This has been happening since the first IPL in 2006. Now curiosity, who will be Virat Kohli and who will be Taruar Kohli among Nur-Bravis-Bawad!

Trying to recognize the first name will now take the form of competition. India’s most successful Test captain, the highest run-getter in the IPL লেও even a part of Kohli’s praise is not fulfilled. Let’s talk about Taruar Kohli instead. Virat was the captain of the team that won the 2007 Youth World Cup. He is another important member of the team. Virat scored 235 runs in the tournament in one century, while Taruar scored the third highest run of the team by scoring 216 runs in 3 half centuries.

The cricketers playing in the Youth World Cup did not have a chance to be auctioned in the IPL. Rather a draft was arranged for them. Cricketers with Ranji Trophy experience were valued at 50,000. And because he had no experience, Taruar had collected 30,000. His team Delhi did not take the opportunity to take Virat Kohli. He was pulled by Royal Challengers Bangalore. Meanwhile, Punjab’s son Taruar got a chance to play in Rajasthan Royals.

After that, the path of the two went in both directions. Huge on the one hand. 6 thousand 263 runs in 206 matches in IPL. The national team has 444 matches, captains in all three editions, one ODI and T20 World Cup, and the Champions Trophy. On the other hand, Taruar. Never played in the national team. The national team is a long way off. IPL has never been able to spread the light. He played two matches in the first IPL. The next time he joined the team in his own region. Kings XI Punjab also played only 2 matches. That’s it.

Taruar’s IPL career ended with 4 matches, 11 runs, an average of 3.8 and a strike rate of 57.69.

Six cricketers who played in the 2022 T20 World Cup have been selected in the IPL this time. The names of South African batsman Bravis or Baby AB, pace bowling all-rounder Bawa and Noor have already been mentioned. Delhi Capitals have acquired Indian left-arm spinner Vicky Astwal for Rs 20 lakh. Besides, Delhi has also bought World Cup winning captain Yash Dhul for Rs 50 lakh. And Chennai Super Kings have taken the bright Indian pace bowler Rajvardhan Hungergekar for Rs 1.5 crore in the World Cup.

Even after returning from the 2020 World Cup final, the Indian cricketers made all such tempting deals. Jayaswal was picked by Rajasthan Royals for Rs 24 million. His teammate leg-spinner Ravi Vishnu got Rs 2 crore from Punjab Kings. Rajasthan has given fast bowler Karthik Tyagi Rs 1 crore 30 lakh.