Waiting for passengers at Ukraine’s airports: some in relief, some in anxiety

Waiting for passengers at Ukraine’s airports: some in relief, some in anxiety

Many foreigners living in Ukraine are fleeing the country, fearing that air travel could be suspended at any time. One such entrepreneur is 23-year-old Moroccan entrepreneur Emran Bujian. As he waited at Kiev airport, his boarding sign flashed, and his eyes lit up with relief.

Imran spoke to AFP as he walked toward the passport control department at the airport. “I think it’s best to leave Ukraine now,” he said. I have to go because of the situation. Because I value life. ‘

The United States has warned that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time. KLM, a Dutch airline, has already suspended flights to Ukraine. They announced the decision, citing the risk posed by the exercise of millions of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. Ukraine’s aviation system, along with other countries in the world, has been threatened with closure.

Analysts have speculated that international airlines may soon suspend flights to Kiev due to rising insurance costs.

Meanwhile, tensions escalated when a low-cost Ukrainian airliner departing from Portugal was diverted. The plane’s Irish lease company did not allow it to enter Ukrainian airspace. The flight with 165 passengers landed in Moldova.
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry is already trying to arrange buses for the stranded passengers.

Meanwhile, a growing number of countries are urging their citizens to flee Ukraine, fearing an attack by Russia. People are gathering at the airport to leave the country. In this context, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says warnings of a possible attack are only adding to the panic.

Meanwhile, US sports coach Dennis Lucins said he had come to Kiev to visit his wife and children, ignoring US travel instructions. “I personally do not expect this to happen,” Luciens said, referring to the United States’ warning of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine. But unfortunately, no one can say what Vladimir Putin has in mind. ”

AFP reports that most cities in Ukraine, including Kiev, have been in a state of crisis for weeks, but no traces have been found at Borispil airport. Passengers waiting at the airport were seen quietly drinking coffee and eating cakes.Lucens said he has been in Ukraine since Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation in 2014. “I think we should wait and see what happens,” he said.

Armenian Indians of Armenian descent were waiting at the airport for Istanbul. He was standing and looking at the flight schedule board. It was then that a flight to Canada was canceled. “They are very, very careful about this,” said Armen, 38. Even if they see zero point 1 percent risk, they always take precautionary measures.

However, Armen does not think Russia will invade Ukraine. He said, ‘Russian troops are coming towards Kiev? No, I don’t think that will happen. It will start the third world war. It will be too much. ‘

On the question of control of the rebel-held eastern Danbas in Ukraine, Armen said, “It is already isolated, they are using the ruble (Russian currency). Putin can take possession of it.