Who Are Annalise Myre & Amelia Myre? Everything To Know About American Journalist Jennifer Griffin Kids

Who Are Annalise Myre & Amelia Myre? Everything To Know About American Journalist Jennifer Griffin Kids

Jennifer Griffin is a mother of two beautiful daughters who is also currently following their mother’s footsteps. We have all the details about their personal life.

Jennifer Griffin is an American journalist. She works as a national security correspondent at the Pentagon for Fox News.

Griffin joined the Fox News team in October of 1999, ever since she has traveled to various parts of the world to report all kinds of news for the viewers.

Jennifer specializes in questioning senior military leaders’ travels to war zones with the Joint Chiefs and Secretaries of Defense. She also reports on every aspect of the military.

Who Are Annalise Myre & Amelia Myre?

Annalise Myre and Amelia Myre are the daughters of Jennifer Griffin.

Amelia is an American by nationality, but she was brought up in Jerusalem because her parents had moved there at the time to report news and cover Israel’s perspective.

Annalise Myre is currently an incoming Marketing Intern at Jerusalem Venture Partners. Besides, she has achieved AP scholars with distinctions so far. She earned a 4-year award at Varsity Lacrosse.

Amelia is the middle child, and Annalise is the older child. They now have a baby brother, whose name is Luke Myre. Currently, the whole family is residing in the United States.

Who is Jennifer Griffin Husband

Greg Myre is the husband of Jennifer Griffin and father to his three kids.

Greg is also an American journalist and an NPR national security correspondent focusing on the intelligence community.

Both husband and wife have been journalists for a long time and often travel to different parts of the world to broadcast news. The couple met at a political rally in a sports stadium in South Africa.

They met on the 29 of October 1989. Griffin was a college student at Harvard at the time. As a result, the duo tied the knot soon after and married one another ever since.

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Jennifer Griffin Kids And Instagram Explored

Jennifer Griffin is quite active on her social media. Her Instagram handle goes under @jennifergriffinnfc. 

She has explained on her Instagram bio that her Instagram account remains a private account, but she posts more content for everyone on her Twitter account.

However, both her daughters don’t seem to be on Instagram. However, we can see them on Jennifer Griffin’s Twitter account. 

She does not miss a chance to express how proud she is of her daughters.