World News | Imran Khan Sought Meeting with Putin to Soothe 'hurt Ego': Pakistan Media

World News | Imran Khan Sought Meeting with Putin to Soothe 'hurt Ego': Pakistan Media

Islamabad [Pakistan], February 25 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Russia visit is facing heavy backlash from Pakistani media who noted that the visit is to soothe his “hurt ego”, a media report said.

The Pakistani media commented that the invitation to visit Moscow was not extended by President Vladimir Putin but was sought by Pakistan to soothe the hurt ego of Imran Khan, claimed The Geneva Daily.

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“Anybody could see the Russia-Ukraine tension escalating to full-blown war. Was Imran Khan not told that he might literally end up in the war theater and it was not wise to be in Moscow at this time? What kind of business could you conduct with Putin at this hour?” the report quoted Murtaza Solangi, a prominent journalist.

The TV panelist Raza Rumi said, “Imran Khan says that he will play his role for friendship between Russia and Ukraine. How Imran Khan, who doesn’t talk to the Opposition in his own country, can speak of reconciliation between other countries?”

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Political analysts also pointed out the gaffes by Khan on his earlier bilateral visits and apprehended that he may yet again, embarrass the country in the context of the US-Russia tussle on Ukraine conflict, the report said.

The visit comes amidst a fragile economic and domestic situation in Pakistan. The economy is reeling under severe inflation, rising debt, and poor industrial performance while the Opposition parties are planning a no-confidence motion in a joint fight against Khan’s misgovernance. (ANI)

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